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BBMM503 Leadership Development Assignment Help

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Section A Short Answer Questions

  1. You have joined as a manager in a cafe and you want to display leadership skills. Give examples of activities that a leader and a manager will do to explain at least 4 differences between leaders a managers with the help of examples of activities they do. Support your answer with examples and comparisons between leaders and managers.
  2. You have joined as a team member in a sales company and you are put together with four other members and one team leader as part of the brand new team. Identify each of the 5 stages of Team Development that you will be going through to explain what happens to the team while going through each the 5 stages of team development. What activities would your team leader undertake at each stage to move a team from stage 1 to stage 5?
  3. How do the four elements of EI help leaders to be effective? Use an example to explain how leaders can be effective in using EI elements and which one element is the most essential in helping leaders to be effective leaders and How ?
  4. Using follower readiness principles, explain why would workers under a democratic style leader, normally, perform better in the leader's absence than would workers under an autocratic style leader? Please explain by giving an example of each type of leadership?

Section B Case Study

Case Study - Guild Computers Company

In Guild Computers Company, new (CRM) customer relationship management system software is to be implemented by George Huang the technical manager for the Sydney and Melbourne offices. The software was badly needed to improve follow-up sales for his company- Guild computers. Guild computers sold computer hardware equipment to Primary Schools and High Schools. The company's low prices won a lot of sales; however, follow-up service was not always good, and the new CRM system promised to resolve those problems with historical data, inquiries, reminders, and updates going to sales representatives daily. The CEO of Guild computers ordered George to install the new CRM system as quickly as possible.

George is based in Sydney and currently had 10 members in the team working on this project: five were in Melbourne and five in Sydney. Since starting the new project, he spoke with his team in Melbourne daily giving them updates on the phone or via email and running Zoom sessions on all the new processes. Alternatively, because he worked side by side with the team in Sydney, he mostly left them to get on with the job and send them any updates via email. Both teams knew they could come to him for help and that he would give them a lot of freedom. On his way to Melbourne, George kept on thinking about what was wrong with his team in Sydney. The guys in Melbourne seemed to be focusing tirelessly on the new project, alternating work with joking around. However, the team members in Sydney appeared to be alternating between arguing and avoiding one another and were not enthusiastic about the changes. George kept receiving persistent complaints about his Sydney team members' low productivity from his boss. All through his flight, George kept on thinking about the reasons for this low productivity in Sydney and the lack of passion among his team members. George also started fearing that this would ruin his dreams of promotion.

  1. Using the Situational Leadership 4 styles of Leadership, how would you characterize or describe George Huang's leadership style (task versus relationships/people)? What approach do you think is correct for this situation? Why?
  2. What would you do now if you were George Huang? How might you encourage more enthusiasm in your team for completing this project on time? Specify each of the steps you would take.
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