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BSB105 Scenario Planning Report

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Scenario Planning Report Template 

Contents Page (not included in word count; can be auto generated in most programs) 

  1. Introduction 
  • Introduce the client and their current situation (Queensland cricket . Reference where you get your information about the client and their current situation, including the current situation of the industry. 
  • Explain the purpose of the report and structure of the report.

~150 words 

  • business
  • tech
  • social
  1. Scenario planning method 
  • What is scenario planning?
  • Why is it useful/important for organisations?
  1. Process
  • What method was followed?
  1. Critical uncertainties
  • What were the two critical uncertainties you identified? Why are they important? How did you select them? Use evidence (figures, tables, graphs, prior academic/industry research – all referenced) to support your explanation.
  • Present the image (e.g., Figure X) of your four scenarios (i.e., the matrix with four quadrants and the scenarios named) [or you can put it in section 3 – just avoid putting it in the Appendix]

~600 words 

  • Establish key issue.
  • Identify critical influences (trends key words- sport, industry trends)- data that forecasts the future (change in time) minimum 10 trends
  1. Scenarios 

Explain each of the four future scenarios in more detail: 

  • How do the business, social, and technology trends you identified, play out under each of the four possible scenarios?
  • Use evidence to explain how those trends (i.e., the driving forces) are shaping that possible future (i.e., figures, tables, graphs, prior academic/industry research – all referenced).
  • What is the plausibility of this scenario manifesting in the future? Use evidence to support your claim and reference where you got that information from.
  • At the end of the scenario description, briefly relate the scenario back to the client e.g., ‘in this scenario, [the client] would need to consider [e.g., strategic research and development investments] because [their technology would be outdated in this possible future].’

~1150 words 

  1. Conclusion
  • Summary of report findings 
  • Explain next steps (i.e., relate to the next assignment which focuses on recommendations on how to respond to these possible futures)

~100 words 

  1. Reference List (not included in word count; but the in-text references that appear in section 1.0-4.0 are included in the word count)

Use APA referencing style. Include only sources that you have referred to in your report and appendices. For information on how to reference using the APA refencing style, refer to the QUT library’s guide at CiteWrite < https://www.citewrite.qut.edu.au/cite/qutcite.html#apa>.  

How many references should I have? At least 15. 

  1. Appendix (not included in word count)
  2. Include your business, technology, and social trends table in the Appendix. Use template from tutorials.
  3. After the trends tables, you may include up to a maximum of five pages of appendices. Only materials referenced and described in the body of the report will contribute to your grade. 

Tip: The appendix is a great place to put analysis, frameworks, and models that you used to arrive at your recommendations.  

Tip: The appendix is for supporting materials. The assignment should make sense without the appendix section – i.e,. don’t use it to dump content you don’t want included in the word count. Anything in here needs to have been discussed in the report itself.  

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