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BSBHRM611 Contribute to organisational development Assessment

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Section 1: Planning for an organisational performance development program

A.Describe the organisation you are basing this project on.

  • What is the name of the organisation?
  • What does the organisation do?
  • What type of management structure does the organisation have?
  • What are the key functions and activities of the work area you will develop a performance development program plan for?
  • List at least three objectives outlined in the strategic plan of the organisation.
  • Attach proof of the strategic plan to this section of your portfolio.


B.Explain the need for a performance development program plan.

Why is a performance development program plan needed in your work area/organisation?

C.Describe the purpose and objectives of the performance development program.

  • What do you want to achieve? (list at least two purposes)
  • What are the objectives of the performance development program? (list at least two)
  • How do the objectives align to the strategic objectives?
  • List the bene?ts you expect your performance development plan to have for your work area/organisation.
  • What bene?ts do you expect? (list at least three)

D.Identify stakeholders who will contribute towards the performance development program.

  • What is your job role in the organisation?
  • Who are the stakeholders who will contribute to the performance development program (at least four)?
  • Why are they involved with the performance development program?
  • Identify and summarise any legislation relevant to the performance development plan.
  • What is the legislation called?
  • What does the legislation cover?
  • How does it relate to your performance development plan?

E.Identify and summarise any organisational policies and procedures relevant to the performance development plan.

  • What is the policy/procedure called?
  • What does each policy/procedure cover?
  • How does the policy/procedure apply to your performance development program?
  • Plan to discuss a performance development program plan with stakeholders.
  • What process steps or actions will be included in the plan (at least ?ve)?
  • What are the desired outcomes for each step?
  • Which stakeholders will you consult with?
  • What will be discussed with stakeholders?
  • Are there any cultural differences/diversity to take into account at the meeting?
  • How will you address these differences?
  • Which listening and questioning techniques will you use?
  • How will you encourage discussion?

Section 2: Developing an organisational performance development program

A.Consult with others to develop a performance development program.

  • Attach proof such as a video recording of your meeting to this section of the portfolio (if not already viewed in person by your assessor)
  • Identify performance development opportunities (modes and methods) for your work area or organisation.
  • What is the organisation’s culture?
  • What are the learning preferences of the staff?
  • What are current best practices?
  • Choose the best three performance development methods for your work area/organisation.
  • Explain what mode you will use for each method.
  • Identify rewards/incentives.
  • Are rewards linked to your performance development program?
  • How will employees be rewarded or incentivised?
  • Identify feedback options.
  • How will feedback be given?
  • Who will provide feedback?
  • How often will feedback be provided?

B.Establish a performance development program management structure.

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders?
  • What are the wider support requirements for the performance development program?
  • How do they ?t into the organisation’s management structure?

C.Develop tools and resources to support your development opportunities (at least three).

  • What are the tools/resources?
  • How do they support the development opportunity?
  • Attach proof of your tools and resources to this section of your portfolio (e.g. mentoring fact sheet, list of appropriate subscriptions, mentoring
  • Establish organisational performance development procedures.


?      Key accountabilities and responsibilities

?      Implementation

?      Personal performance development plan

?      Feedback

?      Incentive

?      Timing


Attach proof of your procedures to this section of your portfolio.

Section 3: Managing an organisational performance development program

A.Identify reporting and record-keeping methods and resources following organisational requirements.

  • What data is required to report on the agreed evaluation outcomes?
  • Who must performance outcomes be reported to?
  • How often will outcomes be reported on?
  • How will performance be reported on? (Explain two methods following policy and procedures).
  • What resources and tools will be used to assist when reporting performance development outcomes (at least one tool must include technology)?
  • Develop means to report and collate outcomes of your organisational performance development program (e.g. spreadsheet template with inbuilt formulas and graphing options, feedback register etc.)

B.Ensure individual performance development plans are completed by relevant stakeholders.

Attach proof to this section of the portfolio (e.g. email with plan template attached, video of team meeting requesting plan be completed, hard copy of completed plan etc.)

C.Monitor the organisational performance development program.

  • What data is available?
  • Record and represent the data using the tool(s) identi?ed and developed in Section 2.
  • Attach proof of recorded and analysed data to this section of your portfolio.

D.Evaluate the organisational performance development program against agreed outcomes.

  • Were agreed outcomes met?
  • How can the program improve?
  • Are any additional resources required?

Are the any key concepts and principles that may be adaptable to future situations?

Write a report to summarise the evaluation outcomes and send or present your report through relevant management structures.


?        Overview of the performance development program

?        Data and analysis

?        Evaluation against outcomes

?        Improvement suggestions.

Attach your report to this section of your portfolio.

Attach proof how you reported through management structures to this section of your portfolio.



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