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BSBMKG439 Develop and apply knowledge of communications industry:Marketing Communication Report

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Part A – Develop communications deliverables

Since early 2020 the pandemic has changed the way most companies are operating and communicating with their customers. The digital media, social media and technologies have evolved rapidly, which has impacted the communication industry.

To complete this task you need to research sources of information and prepare a report on the communication industry for your manager /teacher, identify technological developments, trends and issues of the communication industry.

To prepare the report, you need to use a structured format to organise the information gathered. You can use the structure provided in your organisation (or follow the report structure provided in your workbook).

Make sure you use diagrams, graphs and tables to support your research findings.

To do this report you need to research multiple sources of information, document data gathered, analyse the data and interpret the outcome to cover all the points below.

Question 1:

Provide a summary of the resources identified in the table below explaining: a.   What is the question/topic researched from each source of information? b.  The link to the resource

c.   When was this blog/news published?

d.  List in bullet points the key findings from each source of information.


 Topic / Question Information Source/ URL Date of Publication/ Blog  Key Findings

Question 2:

What criteria would you suggest to assess the communication deliverable?


 Part B – Research and develop the report

a.   Provide an overview of the communication industry structures and networks.

b.  Identify the current digital communications technologies, platforms and devices. c.   Identify and explain the trends and impact of new and alternative communication

technology on the communications industry.

d.  Explain how the identified trends relate to the principles and practices of communications and media strategies.

e.   What are the current issues affecting the communications industry? f.      Provide a conclusion and recommendation.

Part C – Finalise the communication deliverable

Question 1:

Prepare an email to the relevant stakeholders – your manager/teacher – to seek his/her feedback;make sure you provide the following:

a.    Share the report you have developed.

b.  Explain the procedures you will implement for ongoing monitoring of the communications industry – explain why it is important to keep monitoring.

c.   Explain why you need to keep updating information about the deliverable. d.  Ask for their feedback.

Question 2:

Assuming you have been provided with feedback, explain how to incorporate feedback into deliverables



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