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BSBOPS502 Develop Operational Plan Assignment

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Please answer the following questions:

1.     Describe three models and/or methods for developing operational plans:

2.     Explain what the role of an operational plan is in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

3.     Explain what the different stages of the budgeting process are.

4.     List three different approaches that could be used to develop key performance indicators to meet business objectives.

5.     Outline three legislative and/or regulatory requirements that CBSA would need to adhere to when implementing its operational plan. Your answer should include legislative or regulatory requirements relating to fair trading, WHS, and one other area.

6.     Outline five of CBSA’s policies and procedures that directly relate to the operational plan

7.     List, in order of escalation, three potential stakeholders who could be consulted in developing, managing and approving the operational plan. For example: colleagues and specialist resource managers are both considered stakeholders. The order of escalation would be colleague > specialist resource manager (note that ‘colleague’ and ‘specialist resource manager’ should not be included in your answer)

8.     List three reasons why data security is important at CBSA.


Use the Contingency Plan Template (accessible via Moodle) to document contingency plans for each operational strategy (those that you recommended for implementation in the previous assessment part). You must use the Risk Management Policy and Procedures to detail possible consequences and likelihood levels. Within the plan you must:

  •  document a business risk for each strategy
  •  document the consequence for that risk
  •  document the likelihood for that risk
  •  document a possible mitigation strategy for each risk to minimise its impact
  •  document a contingency plan for each risk which should be enacted when the risk occurs.


  • Review the CBSA Communication Policy and Procedures (accessible via Moodle) for the delivery of presentations, and then undertake a consultation session with representatives of CBSA’s staff and important clients (role played by your assessor and classmates) in line with workplace procedures. The presentation should be no longer than 15–20 minutes, and you will need to:
  • provide an outline of the three operational issues you have identified and your strategies to address these issues
  • provide an overview of the three risks you have identified and the contingency plans to manage these risks
  • seek feedback by asking questions and using active listening skills to identify improvement opportunities with your strategies, and contingency plans.
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