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BSBTWK503 Manage Meetings Assessment

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Completing your assessment

  1. Please read all the information given to you including the Student Handbook and other Help Documents before you start any Assessment.
  2. Refer to your training plan for the assessment due date and correct order to complete this unit.
  3. View and download your assessment on your Online Student Area under the Assessment toggle.
  4. When completing your Assessment please ensure ALL work is your own. If a piece of evidence is partially created by another person, please make a note of this next to the relevant task number. Include a sentence stating where the evidence originated and a link to the original source if appropriate.
  5. If you need to talk with a trainer about your Assessments or to request an extension call 1800 998 500 to book an appointment.

Submitting your assessment

  1. Upload your assessment into the Assessment submission area with any additional evidence required. Ensure you press ‘send for marking’ to submit your work. Ensure that you write a minimum of 6 - 8 sentences when a written answer is required.
  2. When you have been notified that your assessment is marked go to the ‘Recent Results’ tab for your unit on the Student Home Page. If you need to make any changes to your assessment, please do so and resubmit under the Assessment toggle.
  3. If you need help with any of the above, view your help documents on the home page of your Online Student Area or call 1800 998 500.

Assessment Requirements

  1. Complete ALL assessment tasks, projects and questions to a Satisfactory standard, ensuring that you provide enough evidence for your Assessor to prove that you are competent in the unit.
  2. Complete this Assessment which involves research and other activities that will make sure you have the skills and knowledge required to demonstrate that you are competent in this unit.
  3. Each assessment task is designed to assess your understanding and skills of the unit.
  4. Sometimes activities may be available that will help you understand the why’s and the how’s - the theories and techniques - and to enrich your skills so that they are transferable to other situations.
  5. If you do NOT complete some sections of a task or provide enough details etc., your evidence will be deemed Not Satisfactory, meaning that more evidence is required.
  6. Your Assessor will then ask you to provide ‘More Evidence’, so that you can resubmit your assessment or ask you some further questions. You are allowed to resubmit your assessment evidence up to 3 times before you are deemed Not Yet Competent for the unit. Pleaserefer to Global Training Institute Handbook, found on our website, for more details.


Tasks in this Assessment include:

Task 361 -  Prepare for meetings

Task 362 -  Conduct meetings

Task 363 -  Follow up a team meeting

Task 364 – Explanations

Task 365 -  Application to You and Your Organisation


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to manage a range of meetings including overseeing the meeting preparation processes, chairing meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes. The unit applies to individuals employed in a range of work environments who are required to organise and manage meetings within their workplace. These individuals may work as senior administrative staff or may be individuals with responsibility for conducting and chairing meetings in the workplace.


Task 361 -  Prepare for meetings

For your organisation OR a case study, as discussed with your trainer, undertake the following for TWO separate meetings.

T361.1 Identify a need for each meeting. Briefly explain the meeting purpose and the objectives that need to be achieved for each meeting.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

T361.2 Develop and submit an agenda for each meeting you identified in Task 361.1.  Include the appropriate aspects from the following list as a minimum.

  • date, time and location of meeting
  • welcome and apologies
  • minutes of the previous meeting
  • statement of the meeting's purpose
  • general business
  • major agenda items
  • correspondence
  • matters or business arising from the minutes
  • reports
  • date of next meeting

T361.3 Create an email notifying identified meeting members. Include the following:

T361.3.1 A copy of the meeting agenda.

T361.3.2 Other relevant meeting papers.

T361.3.3 A request for any further agenda items.

 T361.3.4 Confirmation/acceptance of meeting members’ response to the meeting arrangements.

T361.4 Create an email to the intended minute taker of the meeting. Explain in the email how you would like to have the minutes taken for the meeting. Provide an example of how you would like this to be completed.

Task 362 -  Conduct meetings

For your organisation (where you are unable to Chair a meeting, discuss a suitable case study with your trainer) Chair both meetings identified in Task 361 and provide the meeting minutes, in a suitable minute’s template.  Ensure to include and demonstrate, how in your role as Chair:

362.1 the meeting aligns with organisational requirements and ethics.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


362.2 that you give all members an opportunity to participate in the discussions, problem solving and resolution of issues.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


362.3 that all agenda items have been addressed.  

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

Task 363 -  Follow up a team meeting

For the simulation or for your organisation as chosen above in Task 362, explain how to follow up a meeting ensuring that the meeting minutes:

T363.1. Are edited appropriately if the minutes are incomplete, needing adjustments or are inaccurate.  

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


T363.2 Are recorded and stored in alignment with organisational policies and procedures.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


T363.3 Are distributed to the meeting members within a designated timeline.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


T363.4 Show allocation of tasks from the meeting are completed within agreed timelines.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


Task 364 – Explanations

Research and provide outlines and explanations on the areas listed below.

T364.1 Explain how you would report to anyone, internal or external affected by the meeting outcomes.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


T364.2 Outline responsibilities of the chairperson.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:


T364.3 Describe the key features of group dynamics in relation to managing meetings. Include the following:

  • Everybody has an opportunity to speak.
  • Conflict and debate.
  • Keeping to the agenda and to time.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

T364.4 Describe the key features of meeting options including face-to-face, teleconferencing, web-conferencing and using webcams.

Additional information such as examples or suggestions written here.

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

T364.5 Use the table below to outline various methods for recording meeting notes. Include relevant organisational requirements and conventions for each type of meeting.

Meeting Type

Method for recording notes

Meeting Convention/protocol

Team Building Meeting


Formal Committee Meeting


Annual General Meeting


Board Meeting


Toolbox Meeting


Performance Appraisal Meeting


Task 365 – Application to You and Your Organisation 

Considering what you have learned in this unit, answer the following questions: 

T365.1 What is the number one thing you have learned from this unit AND why is it number one?

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

T365.2 How will this new knowledge benefit You and/or your organisation? 

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

T365.3 To apply this knowledge, in your life or organisation, what is the next step you will need to take? 

Use a minimum of 6-8 sentences to write your answer below:

 T365.4 When will you complete this step by?  

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