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COU204 The Ethical and Professional Practice for Psychologists Assessment

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You are required to provide an example case study (One paragraph only) of an ethical dilemma in context and examine it using what you have learnt. You are asked to reflect on conflicting values across stakeholders, describe how the codes of ethics and any relevant laws relate to the dilemma and outline how you would go about solving it.

Specifically, you are required to:

  1. Choosean ethical issue of important to counselling and write a scenario or vignette that describes the context of that
    • Theethical dilemma could be in the areas of the client’s rights, counsellor responsibilities, confidentiality, boundaries, professional competence, supervision, or any other area that may cause an ethical dilemma for the When choosing your dilemma, think about the ones covered in the Codes of Ethics and laws that might impact counsellors.
    • Make sure it offers enough opportunity for you to demonstrate yourability to assess, work through and resolve an ethical dilemma directly related to counselling practice in
  1. Use an ethical decision-making model to structure your There are some available in HELP.
  1. Structure your assessment clearly:
  • Planyour response and separate out your discussion with E.g.
    • Introductoryparagraph outlining what you intend to discuss in the Include a short description of an ethical decision-making (EDM) you will use.
    • Ethicaldilemma scenario/case study/vignette you are
    • Subheadings thatuse the steps in your EDM. See the week 3 tab in HELP for a selection of EDM
    • g.If you decide to use the seven-step model your subheadings would be:
      • Identifythe
      • Applythe Code of Ethics and any applicable
      • Determinethe nature and dimensions of the
      • Generatepotential courses of
      • Considerthe potential consequences of all options and determine a course of
      • Evaluatethe selected course of
      • Implementthe course of action (Forester-Miller & Davis, 2016).
    • Reference

Write in an academic format and use APA 7 style formatting and citations. Minimum of 20 references. Use academic journals and textbooks

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