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CPCCBC4014 Prepare simple building sketches and drawings assessment

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This is a project assessment where you will be presented 4 scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: Determining the requirements of a structural component, PFC Perimeter beam
  • Scenario 2: Marking up a two-dimensional plan with a plumbing drainage layout
  • Scenario 3: Creating a sectional drawing
  • Scenario 4: Taking measurements to create a sketch of a door

Scenerio 1: Determining the requirements of a structural component, PFC Perimeter beam

  1. You are discussing the details of a 300 PFC Perimeter beam required for the new addition with the fabricator, Will Fox.
  2. There is some confusion in relation to what Will is required to do and has asked for some further information, a sketch of the actual fabrication required, in conjunction with the plans and specifications, will clarify the requirements for Will.

Based on this information you are required to:

  • Access the plans provided and review “Upper floor joist layout”, noting the supporting Perimeter beam running parallel with the stair void in conjunction with the “typical connection detail, Steel beam junction” specification. The fabrication that will needs to make involves cleats being welded onto this beam to connect the floor joists For clarification of the correct plan details please refer to the pictures below:
  • Using the plan specifications, you are required to sketch an isometric drawing that will provide the fabricator an explanation of what is required. Once he has an understanding of one of the perimeter beams the others should also make sense to him.
  • Considering you are away from the office it is easiest to draw the sketch, take a picture using your phone and then send the photo to the fabricator with an explanatory email.

Scenerio 2: Marking up a two-dimensional plan with a plumbing drainage layout

  1. The plumbing contractor, John Hammer is very busy at the moment. He has attended the site for you on short notice to complete some sanitary drainage works that were required as part of the Lot 70 Knowledge drive project. 
  2. To save him some time and demonstrate your appreciation for him coming to site and helping you out you have offered to draw up the plans for submission to the local authority detailing where the sanitary drainage has been laid.
  3. John is very thankful for the offer and has provided the rough markup he has completed whilst the backfill was taking place 

Based on this information you are required to 

  1. Review the mark up provided by John and develop an accurate set of plans to submit to the local authority. Ensure the following is completed:
  • Confirm construction plan information complies with building and construction regulations, standards and codes.
  • The markup should include dimension lines, symbols and abbreviations following standard drawing conventions
  • Access the blank set of plans provide and markup the sanitary drainage design by either printing in A3 and drawing neatly into the plan, taking a picture and submitting or by using another computer program to neatly markup the plans as required. Information on how to do this online is in the Learner onboarding process

Scenerio 3: Creating a sectional drawing

  1. You are working with the plumber regarding the sanitary drainage pipe that needs to be installed to connect the new ensuite as part of the addition at Lot 70 Change st After looking at the job you believe it would be best to bring the drainage pipe work down through the robe in bedroom 2 and box it out in the cupboard to conceal it.
  2. This will require an amount of work to cut and remove the existing concrete, then to dig beneath the existing footings to connect to the drainage that is running along the back of the house, as detailed in the attached plans. 
  3. John has asked if you can forward him a drawing of what you propose for consideration, as well as a list of equipment that would be needed for the job.

Based on this information you are required to

  • Review the plans in the supporting documentation to ascertain the location of the pipe work outside.
  • Based on the plans and template provided you will need to draw a sectional diagram of the proposed sanitary pipe work.
  • In the ID5f Elevated pipework specifications provided, in the 3rd slide, draw in where it would be best to run the 100mm PVC drain down through the slab, under the footing and connect into the existing drainage system that is running along the back of the house as pictured
  • You will also need to note where the boxing will be installed around the pipe work to conceal within the wardrobe.
  • Ensure the Title block provided in the template is completed.
  • Respond back to John via email with a brief explanation of the sectional drawing and a list of tools and checks that should be carried out for this equipment before attending the site.

Scenerio 4: Taking measurements to create a sketch of a door

  1. You finally have some time to catch up on some paperwork at the office.
  2. Whilst working you notice your old degraded office door which reminds you that you wanted to upgrade it to provide a more professional look for clients. 
  3. The carpenter, Jack Cross owes you a favour and you decide to send him an email with the relevant specifications so he can come and replace the door for you whilst he is in the area.

Based on this information you are required to 

1. Develop a sketch of the door in your current working space to provide to the carpenter so he can pick this up and prepare for installation, including: 

  • The measurements of the door, including the length, width, and height.
  • The location of the hinges from the bottom of the door
  • The size of the existing hinges
  • The finish of what you would like in the new door
  • Neatly sketch the door and take a photo which can be attached to the email to the carpenter. 
  • Write an email to the carpenter briefly explaining what is required and attach the sketch of the door, ensure you include the photo of the sketch in your email 

2. You need to check the measuring equipment you are using for this task to ensure it is accurate and working as per the manufacturer’s instructions. In the space below note the checks you carry out.

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