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CPPREP4001 Professional Practice Cluster

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Assessment Structure

Part 1 Extended Answer Questions

Part 2 Workplace Situation Activities

This assessment is written at AQF Level 4, which means that your answers must show your depth of understanding and your ability to demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to complete tasks in a real or simulated real estate workplace. You should pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation and write in full sentences and use appropriate language. 

Finding information to answer your assessment questions.

To answer questions, you will need to refer to your Learner Guide, the Assessment Activity Workbook and conduct research on various websites including but not limited to:

  • Property Agents Board
  • Australian Legal Institute
  • Federal Register of Legislation
  • Real Estate Institute of Tasmania
  • Consumer, Building and Occupational Services
  • Ombudsman Tasmania

Whilst conducting research, it is important that you ensure that the websites accessed are relevant to this state and not from other states of Australia or overseas. You must reference all sources of information.

Part 1 Extended Answer Questions

For this section, you will need to provide answers that are in depth, referenced and supported by additional documentation.

If you consult websites or publications to construct your answer, you MUST reference your source.

Read each question or scenario carefully and ensure that you answer all of the facets of the question.

Question 1: Review the information about the REAL Property Professionals organisational chart and related documents. 

Part 1: Prepare a draft report on the business structure of the property agency and the services available to the public, include the principal/agency relations.

Part 2: Explain the role and responsibilities of the Licensee in charge (person in effective control) and two other roles within the agency. In your answer include:

  • Role and responsibilities
  • Licensing limitations
  • Qualifications, eligibility and licensing requirements

Question 2: Each property agent working in the real estate agency business act ethically and professionally. Research (from the regulator that administers property agency activities) the legislative requirements that relate to ethical standards.

Question 3: You are wanting to find employment at “REAL Property Professionals” but are not sure what area of the property agency industry you would prefer. Investigate and report on employment opportunities for three of the following categories:

  • Residential sales and property management
  • Commercial, industrial and retail sales or management
  • Auctioneering
  • Rural Sales
  • Buyers’ agent

Question 4

Research courses that may be suitable for you to develop your skills and knowledge for two of your chosen categories of employment. 

Explain why you chose them and how they will assist you in your professional development and the attainment of regulatory CPD requirements.

Question 5

Review Case Study Jennifer Reilly and summarise the risks to:

  • Consumer
  • Property Agency
  • Property Agents Industry
  • Property Agent (personal)

Click on icon above to open the document

  1. How does the fraudulent activity impact consumers and the property agency?
  2. What would you do if you were faced with a similar situation?

Question 6

Using Case study Anna Thompson develop an individual communication strategy for each of the following:

  • Nurture and maintain client relationships
  • Address complaints
  • Clear representation of consumer rights

Question 7

You are working in a property agency where you have serious concerns about the ethical conduct of one of your co-workers, you are not sure if what they are doing is illegal or just unethical. You are hesitant to bring this matter up to your employer, but you don’t want to put yourself or the property agency at risk.

Explain what you would do to address the matter.

Part 2 Workplace Activities

For this section, you are required to read the scenario and complete the required documents. There are templates provided. If you are required to develop your own document, it should be presented in a professional manner and saved as a PDF before uploading to the portal. 

Question 1

Using the research, you have done in previous questions, prepare a formal report to contain the following:

  • Property Agency structure and services offered
  • Licensing requirements of property agents
  • Roles and responsibilities of key personnel
  • Opportunities for employment
  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Professional development
  • Ethics and ethical conduct, regulatory requirements 

Question 2

Consult the communication strategies you developed in Extended Answer 6 in this assessment and develop a fact sheet that could become part of a property agency’s communication policy.

This must be a fact sheet.

Question 3

Research and find a published property industry prosecution where consumer protection requirements have been breached. Develop a summary report that includes:

  • An overview of the unethical practice
  • How the practice affected the consumer 
  • Legislative and ethical codes of conduct that were breached 
  • How you would respond to the unethical behaviour and include sources of specialist advice.

Question 4

Develop a resource list (the list can be URL’s or websites) of government departments or publications that you can refer to for information for each of the following: 

  • Property industry legislation
  • Ethics and professional conduct
  • Risk management to consumers, the agency, and the industry
  • Licensing and CPD
  • Employment and industrial relations
  • EEO, privacy and anti-discrimination
  • Fair trading and consumer protection
  • Work health and safety
  • Foreign investment
  • Secret commissions
  • Environment and sustainability

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