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CPPREP4506-Agency Merge Case Study

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You are the principal of Smith & Jones Real Estate. The Agency has grown over the last 10 years from a simple start up and now has 20 staff. This includes 3 Property managers, 4 sales staff, 8 Assistant Agents (Certificate of Registration holders), 1 sales manager, 1 office manager and 3 support staff.

It is located in a busy suburb close to the coast.

You are about to merge with another Agency, the Green Grass Agency that has a smaller number of staff but deals with rural properties, farm and livestock sales in the region, located a few suburbs away.

The other Agency is made up of a principal (retiring shortly), 2 Agents who specialise in rural land and general farm sales and 2 Agents that specialise in livestock and agricultural equipment sales (business broking) plus 1 very busy support staff member.

You have an existing Risk Control Plan and have safety controls in place for staff operating alone in the main office and offsite in the local suburb, which is mainly a mix of residential properties and apartments.

This plan is available in the scenario resources for reference. [Appendix 1, See Ref S1a]

The other Agency you have discovered has no Risk Control Plan or safety controls in place for their operation. No one is currently responsible for coordinating or reporting on offsite and lone worker safety.

Most of the staff have been with the Agency for many years.

You recognise that there are different risks and potential hazards that staff may encounter offsite, alone at their smaller rural office or while travelling, as their area of operations is far larger properties located up to 50kms from their main office. The office deals with different types of properties and sales therefore the staff working there encounter different risks.

Task 1

Presentation Scenario One - 'Introducing Staff To Offsite and Lone Worker Safety'

This presentation is based on Scenario.

You are required to give a short 10 minute presentation to the merged team of staff about Offsite and Lone Worker Safety.

Prepare a simple slide set (maximum of 6 slides) and submit that with your assessment.

The slide set should cover the following topics (with no more than 1 slide per topic and have an introductory slide as well.

Topic 1) WHS legislation in Queensland

Topic 2) Your agencies commitment to ethical standards, with at least 3 examples of how you are achieving this

Topic 3) The Agency organisation and how safety responsibilities are represented in it (a staff organisation plan is required for this topic)

Topic 4) Three examples of risk that are perceived and what control measures are to be implemented

Topic 5) How staff are going to be involved and how staff feedback is going to be achieved

The presentation should take no more than 10 minutes.

You can provide video recording or podcast for this assessment.

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