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Critical Analysis Of Learning & Leading In Clinical Practice Essay Assessment

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Please include the following elements in your essay:

  • Introduction [approx. 200 words]
  • Body [provide responses to the three questions below for the essay body – we recommend you use headings].
    It is 6 months into your graduate year, and you are working as a registered nurse. Lisa has been admitted to your ward and has had surgery to remove one of her ovaries. She will need ongoing treatment and support. Lisa is very emotional and is struggling to accept her diagnosis. You have been allocated to care for Lisa and the Nurse Unit Manager has asked you to help Lisa learn more about her condition.
    1. Meeting learning needs (approx. 600words)
      Lisa is an adult learner, an active user of social media and describes herself as an auditory learner. Using this information describe four (4) evidence-based strategies that are relevant to Lisa’s learner characteristics and that could be implemented to help Lisa learn about and manage her condition.
    2. Learning in clinical practice (approx. 600words)
      Identify and describe three (3) potential barriers to learning that might be impacting Lisa and discuss strategies that you could implement to support Lisa’s learning.
    3. Leading in clinical practice (approx. 800words)
      At morning handover, you are allocated Rosie a 2nd year Bachelor of Nursing student. You review the patients in your care, and you ask Rosie to care for Lisa. Lisa requires some assistance with mobility and hygiene care, has an IV insitu, abdominal wound that requires dressing daily, and is experiencing abdominal pain post surgery.
      Identify and discuss four (4) strategies you can use as Rosie’s supervising registered nurse to ensure Lisa receives high quality care and Rosie is supported.
  • Conclusion [approx. 200 words]

Part 1


Unsplash: Priscilla du Preez

Lisa is 31yrs of age. She is working and living in Australia after meeting her Australian partner in Canada five years ago. She is close to her family who live in rural Canada and hasn’t seen them since arriving in Australia 3 years ago. She is planning her first trip home at Christmas. Her relationship with her partner is going well and they have discussed future plans about starting a family. She enjoys her job working in a major finance company and has made friends locally.

After noticing some vague abdominal symptoms including bloating, feeling some tugging and minor abdominal discomfort and putting on weight, she visits her GP. On examination the GP feels some sort of mass on her ovary and organizes a scan. Lisa gets a call from the GP to come in for an appointment to discuss the results. The GP suggests she bring her partner with her.

What might be going through Lisa’s mind? What emotions might she be feeling when she attends the clinic?

Part 2

You are the registered nurse working at the GP clinic and the GP speaks with you about the appointment with Lisa. The GP tells you that the outcome is not good. The scan found a tumour on Lisa’s ovary and there are concerns that this has spread widely. Lisa will be referred to an oncologist and surgeon.

The GP has asked you to attend the appointment so that you can spend time with Lisa after the appointment to explain to her the next steps in her care, clarify Lisa’s understanding, answer questions and prepare her for a difficult road ahead. The GP has requested that you make the appointments for Lisa while she is with you so that there is no delay in starting treatment.

What emotions do you anticipate Lisa might be feeling now and how could this impact on the ability for Lisa to comprehend the information you are about to discuss with her?

How are you feeling about being the person engaging in this discussion with Lisa?

Lisa worried

Unsplash: Ben White

Part 3

Drawing on the knowledge you have developed in this and other courses, and utilizing ideas from the reading, please consider the following questions:

Lisa Upset

Unsplash: Fa Barboza

How could you open the conversation and build a rapport with Lisa

Discuss how you might manage Lisa’s emotions in preparation for learning?

Even though the situation might be emotionally charged, how could you sensitively determine learning preferences that Lisa might have?

Identify and discuss a range of strategies you could use to help Lisa learn about ovarian cancer and what she needs to do next?

How might you determine if Lisa has understood the key information you have covered with her?

What further information/resources could you provide and/or suggest that could support Lisa when she leaves the clinic?

What strategies could you use to determine if your approach has been effective?

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