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Critically discuss  modern organisation operates in fast paced and evolving markets

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Task Overview:

 The modern organisation operates in fast paced and evolving markets. The operating environment changes so rapidly that managerial plans are often redundant as soon as they are made. Critically discuss.

 Structure and Advice Introductions

It is NOT an introduction to the subject "Relevance of planning (for example)". Your introduction must state:

  1. Theaim of your essay
  2. Thekey sections of your essay
  3. Majorfindings from each section of your essay
  4. Aconcluding statement

Your introduction should be 1 paragraph and should be no longer than 150 words (125 - 150 words is ideal).

It's a good idea to create a framework for your essay (section breakdown). That way you can write a model introduction and, once you have finished, go back and re-write it. Remember, the introduction is the last thing that gets done before you submit.


The body of your essay should be structured according to the key points you want to make. There are a number of points you need to cover use these to help you structure your essay.

Grab some articles that you think are going to be good (cheat a bit here - read the abstract, does it sound like it is going to help?).

You'll need more articles than the 'minimum required' because some of the articles you look out probably won't end up being any good.

Take some notes. Pretty soon you'll have a few important points - things you think are interesting, things that help you make up YOUR mind about the question.

Those things you wrote down? Those are the topics for each of your paragraphs. They form the structure of your paper.

Check out the MQ Library Multi-Search - it has links to databases, Google Scholar, and you can search for articles.

Paragraphs should have their own internal structure. They should be approximately 125-150 words long.

Use a claim, data, warrant structure. Make a claim, provide data that supports the claim, and then write about why it matters - what are the implications of that claim. This will keep you on track.


Just your intro again. Summarise the key points. No new info.

This is similar to your introduction. You must summarise the key points identified in your essay. It should have no new information. You should have a definitive thought, answer, or 'conclusion' (as in, what do you conclude after having researched the topic).


Ok - This is serious (no more memes - sorry!)

Referencing is vital. It provides support for your arguments, gives you evidence and credibility, and acknowledges the work of others.

You must use the APA 7th Edition reference style (see iLearn and the library for more information).

New APA 7th Edition - Referencing - Subject and Research Guides at Macquarie University (mq.edu.au)

You must have a minimum of 7 PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL references - sourced via the Macquarie University Library databases or google scholar (use the Multi Search link above).

 You may reference the textbook if you wish.

Importantly, meeting the minimum number of references does not constitute a 'pass'.

You must use referencing intelligently and integrate it through your report to provide evidence and support for your position/recommendation.


Headings are a useful way of sign posting your work, and you are encouraged to use them (yes, even in an essay!). Make sure they are descriptive (NOT generic terms such as 'Body') and that they are numbered correctly.

Cover Page

You should include a cover page with your name and student ID. Formatting

You should use a standard font in a reasonable size (Arial, Calibri, Century Gothic etc. size 11 or 12) with line spacing of at least 1.15, a blank line between each paragraphs, and justified text.

Word Count

You should include the word count in the footer of your report.

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