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Do students who have low and high previous math experience differ in statistics anxiety, and if so, how do they differ?

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Critial and logical thinking is developed from obtaining statistical knowledge and is a requirement of various professions and acemadic fields (Puklek Levpu?ek Cukon, 2020). Due to the need to understand research, those enrolled in undergraduate psychology programmes must study at least one statistics course, which is often an adverse experience for some students (Chew Dillon, 2014). Many students are met with anxiety and extensive fear at the prospect of studying statistics, so much so that this particular type of anxiety has been labelled, statistics anxiety (Kinkead et al., 2016). Statics anxiety can cause a reduction in cognitive resources, exam performance and an overall learning for the university student (Puklek Levpu?ek Cukon, 2020). Puklek Levpu?ek Cukon (2020) state that statistic anxiety is experience in over 80% of university students and research is required to identify the reason's behind what is causes the anxiety. The aim of this research paper to idenifty that statistic anxiety is lower in those students that have had previous math experience.

There are many aspects to anxiety, the study from Paechter et al ( 2017) focus was on whether anxiety of statistics was genuine or whether students prior experience of mathematics was transferred to statistics. Survey results of 225 undergarduate students were collected at the beginning of the term than again at the end and the final exam results, general anxiety proness was also recorded. Anxiety was Measured usint Statistica Anxierty Rating scale . Limitation the effect of exam anxiety has on results. It was also found that as long as statistical anxiety was not at a high level that statistical anxiety could have an increase on the level of effort the student exserted into their learnging. Statistics courses require that conclsuions are drawn and inferences made from date and are more akin to veral resoning than mathematics and courses will differ from the amount of mathematics are included. In the study from Paechter et al ( 2017) it was found that statistics anxiety can be logically preceded by high levels of triat and mathematically anxiety an dkowlege in mathematics.

Strength is the sample of 72.88?male and 37.22% male corresponded to the gender distribution of students in Austria, however, this might not be a representation of distribution in Australia.

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