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Task Description

This task requires students to select ONE issue presented in Modules 4 to 6 and outlined in the task (obesity, early childhood workforce or technology) and write a position paper on that issue.


As an early childhood teacher, you will be required to identify and respond to issues that impact upon the early childhood education and care stakeholders, and profession through exploring perspectives on a range of issues and presenting your own position on these issues.

Task Instructions

Drawing on relevant literature, select ONE of the issues outlined below and write a response to each of the points outlined for that issue.

Obesity (Module 4)

  1. Introducethe issue of obesity in early childhood
  2. Outline why obesity is an issue for early childhood education and care, who it affects andhow
  3. Critically review obesity as an issue from the various perspectives presented in the literature(this could include media articles)
  4. Presentand justify your position on obesity as an early childhood teacher
  5. Outlinehow this issue could be resolved or improved in early childhood

Early childhood workforce (Module 5)

  1. Introducethe issue of workforce in early childhood education and care
  2. Outlinewho early childhood education and care workforce issues affect and how
  3. Critically review workforce issues in early childhood from the various perspectives presentedin the literature (this could include media articles)
  4. Present and justify your position on workforce issues within early childhood education andcare
  5. Outline how workforce issues within the early childhood profession could be resolved orimproved

Technology Use (Module 4)

  1. Introducethe issue of technology in early childhood education and care
  2. Outline who the issue of technology use in early childhood education and care affects andhow
  3. Critically review technology use as an issue in early childhood education and care from thevarious perspectives presented in the literature (this could include media articles)
  4. Present and justify your position on technology use within early childhood education andcare
  5. Outline how issues with technology use within early childhood education and care could beresolved or improved

Additional Information

  1. Rememberto answer each of the points outlined (a to e) in relation to the issue you 
  2. You need to support all areas of your response with relevant literature (unit materials,current literature, publications).
  3. An introduction (outside of the task outline) and conclusion is not needed in your response.Formatting:
  4. Includea cover page that contains:
    • Thetitle of the task in bold
    • Yourname (as author),
    • Yourfaculty (Faculty of Education)
    • Theunit code and name (TCHR3001 Early Childhood Matters)
    • Yourunit assessor’s name (Kelly Simpson)
    • Thedue date
  5. Includea title of the issue you are responding to at the start of your position paper
  6. Includea reference list on a new page at the end of your 
  7. Doubleline space your writing and your reference 
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