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ECO-7010B - Multinational Firms  Research Project

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Assessment brief 

This summative assessment is worth 40% of your final mark and is based on a research proposal on one or more topics covered in our syllabus. It is an individual assignment containing and exploring an original idea. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE RESEARCH on the topic you propose. It is, instead, a descriptive essay that includes:

  • Anoriginal research question and main 
  • Abrief review of the most relevant 
  • The methodology you intendto adopt
  • Theresearch strategy
  • Timelinesand major hurdles

There’s no restriction on the kind of idea and method proposed. Examples include a case study based on a multinational firm entering a particular market, the analysis of aggregate patterns, trends, challenges, and outcomes (among others) related to multi- national firms at the global or regional level using either aggregate or firm-level data, a theoretical model or a qualitative analysis.


You will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Therelevance and novelty of the question and hypothesis to the 
  • The feasibility of the project in all its dimensions (i.e., whether it is possible toanswer your research question, the methods you propose, and the ability to meet the deadlines offered) and its connection with the topics we discuss throughout this 
  • Theproposed methodology (e.g., some methods may simply be insu?icient to tackle the question or, instead, excessively complex).
  • Thecontribution of the project to the 

We divide the assessment into two blocks.

  1. Outline/Draft:Maximum of 750  Deadline: Mar 31 at 3 pm (submitted via Blackboard). Weight: 15%.

Marking scheme:

  • 33marks: relevance and novelty of the idea
  • 33marks: feasibility and motivation
  • 33marks: position in the literature
  • 1mark bonus for submitting the assignment
  1. ResearchProject: Maximum of 1,500  Deadline: May 19 at 3 pm (sub- mitted via Blackboard). Weight: 25%.

Marking scheme:

  • 30marks: relevance, novelty, motivation for the research question, and hy- potheses
  • 30marks: position in the literature
  • 30marks: Methodology and research strategy
  • 10marks: timeline and challenges

For the layouts of the draft and the project, please refer to “Formative Assessment –> Layouts” on the module’s blackboard site.

Extenuating circumstances: 

As per Extenuating Circumstances Regulations, a successful request to extend the sub- mission deadline on this assessment past the deadline for submission will result in a Delayed Assessment in the next available period.

Plagiarism, collusion, and contract cheating: 

The University takes academic integrity very seriously. You must not commit plagiarism, collusion, or contract cheating in your submitted work. Our Policy on Plagiarism, Collu- sion, and Contract Cheating explains what is meant by the terms ‘plagiarism’, ‘collusion’, and ‘contract cheating’, how to avoid plagiarism, collusion, and contract cheating, using a proofreader, what will happen if we suspect that you have breached the policy.

It is essential that you read this policy and you undertake (or refresh your memory of) our school’s training on this. You can find the policy and related guidance 

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