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Environmental Engineering Assignment

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  • Task 1: Presentation & Viva (20 marks)
    Student are required to attend a viva session regarding the assignment tasks performed showcasing understanding and experience of the work done in line with this assignment to
    award the respective marks of this section. The presentation should be condensed form of you report and should not exceed 10 slides and time frame for each student will be given 10 to 15 minutes for the presentation.
  • Task 2: Report Sections (marked out of 100 and then scaled to 80) (100 Marks)
    Considering the scenario provided below, student shall prepare an individual report as per the report sections mentioned below.
    Oman Vision 2040 is built around four main pillars. One of the major pillars is “Environment” in line with Environment and Natural Resources. Effective and balanced environmental ecosystems and models will help to support the well-being system in general, protect the environment and ensure the quality and good productivity of environmental ecosystems. The preservation of such ecosystems will help to reduce the economic cost of waste, degradation, or loss of resources.Similarly, the optimal use and sustainability of natural resources are necessary to support the economy and stimulate production. The future strategy in natural resource management will focus on developing non-traditional sources of natural resources, such as the use of renewable energy to reduce production cost and subsequently enhance the competitiveness of economic sectors. New infrastructure projects will be geared towards green economy, green strategies and renewable energy production. This approach should take place in such a manner as to promote environmental sustainability, achieve stability, reduce the constraints and pressures of financial management, and replenish the treasury with revenues from non-traditional natural resources.
    Environmental protection is under the governance of Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs in Sultanate of Oman.The student has to visit any organisation in the Sultanate of Oman, who are dealing with Environment Design, Waste Management, Wastewater services etc. Student has to organise a isit and consult environmental engineers and other related authorities to understand and explore principles underlying environmental engineering design. Students are expected to identify stakeholders involved on this environmental protection activities. Hence, from the nowledge gained from above tasks, students shall prepare a report presenting their reflection on alternative viewpoints on engineering projects.

    Students shall consider key points mentioned below:
    1. Discuss Environment laws and ministerial decisions done in Sultanate of Oman for preserving environment.
    2. Mention and explain sources of water for public usage in the selected municipality.
    3. Write about types of wastewater pollutants produced and treatment processes.
    4. Discuss the experience of field study.
    Student shall prepare an Individual report according to report sections mentioned below.
    Report Sections:
    1. Introduction [maximum - 200 words] {10 marks}
    Student shall start with a brief overview and introduction to the report. Student must discuss environmental engineering design along with appropriate citations and references.
    2. Environmental Engineering Design [maximum - 300 words] {20 marks}
    Student must identify significant national and international environmental concerns including water quality and wastewater management. Student shall also discuss environment laws and ministerial decisions done in Sultanate of Oman for preserving environment along with appropriate citations and references.
    3. Discuss the standards / consideration of drinking water treatment systems [maximum - 300
    words] {20 marks}.Student must identify drinking water standards, Overview of typical processes used for contaminant removal, preliminary treatment processes in Sultanate of Oman for preserving environment along with appropriate citations and references.

    4. Discuss the standards / consideration of waste water treatment systems [maximum - 300 words] {20 marks}
    Student must identify Wastewater standards, Advanced biological treatment systems and its
    processes in Sultanate of Oman for preserving environment along with appropriate citations and

    5. Municipal solid waste management [maximum - 300 words] {20 marks}
    Student must identify Waste generation, national perspectives and case study in Sultanate of
    Oman for preserving environment along with appropriate citations and references.
    6. Conclusion – [maximum - 100 words] {5 marks}
    Student shall provide overall recommendations through the knowledge pursued through this
    coursework. Student must discuss outcomes of this coursework through the knowledge gained
    from various tasks of this study.
    7. References - APA style of referencing {5 marks}
    Student must provide at least TEN (10) respective citations and references as per APA 7
    th style of


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