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HLTH 1056 Health Systems and Services Assignment

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In many health care professional roles you will be required to prepare or contribute to reports regarding aspects of service delivery. For this assessment, you are the manager of Austville Community Health Centre, and you will write a report in which you will respond to questions about services available to a client (Mrs. Smith) and other clientele of a primary healthcare facility (Part A 1500 words). In the second part of the report you will write a 500-word rationale as to why Austville Community Health Centre should get a $5000 grant to establish a community garden. 

This task has several purposes in relation to this course and aligns with course objectives 1, 2, 3 and 4:

  • To demonstrate that you can describe and explain the principles of Primary Health Care and have an understanding of the roles of key health workforce members who are instrumental in its service delivery.
  • To demonstrate that you can describe and compare key concepts in relation to healthcare provision and wellness, and their influence on public policy.
  • To demonstrate that you have learnt and can apply the theory and skills taught in the course.
  • To demonstrate that you can communicate using appropriate terms and concepts.



Before you begin the assessment, read through the information provided carefully, and read through any supporting resources to ensure that you understand what is required. If you have any queries post them to the ask a question about assessments discussion forum

This task has two parts (A and B) based on the scenario below, with specific details and responses required for each part. You will need to submit both parts in one document and you should structure the document according to report writing principles. Ensure that the report is double-spaced in size 12 font, and that the sections are clearly defined, with new sections beginning on a new page. Large tables or graphs must be included as appendices.

There is also an approximate word count allocated to each part which you need to follow. If you are over or under the total word count (2000 words) by 10% or more marks will be deducted. The word count DOES include in-text referencing and headings and DOES NOT include diagrams, tables, legends and reference lists.

For both parts, you will need to support your assertions with evidence from relevant peer-reviewed academic sources, and relevant government websites. You must use the UniSA Harvard Referencing System for ALL material which is not your own. This includes academic references and quality primary sources (e.g. Government websites, ASIC, and any images/equations, apart from your own, and online articles).

When considering references for your answers, you may use the course readings, but you are also expected to research information more widely and refer to additional literature. Remember that in many instances videos including lecture videos and those from YouTube as shown in the weekly materials are for teaching and illustrative purposes, so it is expected that you use scholarly publications for your assessments rather than reference these sources.


You are the manager of the Austville Community Health Centre, a primary healthcare facility. It is located in a low socioeconomic inner city suburb where there are many older residents and newly arrived migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds. The Centre is staffed by medical, nursing and allied health professionals, including a physiotherapist, podiatrist, diabetes educator, clinical exercise physiologist, and optometrist. There is also a pharmacy attached to the facility, and it has a community café staffed by volunteers. As well as giving consultations, it offers education programs, particularly in diabetes management, group exercise programs and English conversation groups.


Note: You may refer to Austville Community Health Centre as Austville, after you have introduced it for the first time in each part.

Part A (1500 words)

Mrs. Smith is a 76-year-old widow on an aged care pension living a short distance from the centre. She has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Respond to the following questions using academic sources (journal articles/government reports) to support your discussion of all four questions

  1. Why is Austville Community Health Centre a good place for Mrs. Smith to receive care?
  2. Who are five of the health professionals that Mrs. Smith will need to see at the Health Centre, and what services could each of them offer?
  3. How would Mrs. Smith’s care be funded? What benefits might Mrs. Smith be eligible for?
  4. What are some of the benefits of a primary health centre such as Austville, for others in the local community

Part B (500 words)

The Austville local council is offering community development grants to local organisations. As part of the application form, applicants are expected to provide a 500 word rationale as to why a grant would assist them. As manager of Austville Community Health Centre write a 500 word rationale as to why Austville Community Health Centre should get a $5000 grant to establish a community garden. 

In your rationale ,explain what would be some of the benefits for the centre's clientele? Be sure to provide some peer reviewed references to support your argument.


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