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HNN215 Quality Use of Medicines Video Presentation

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In submitting a video for this task, you will communicate professionally your knowledge of person-centered medication management and evidence-based practice to ensure quality and safe care.

Furthermore, this video will enable you to gain skills in using media to organize and communicate your ideas succinctly.

Youare responsible for ensuring that the correct version of your assessment task is properly uploaded into the correct assessment 

Topic background:

Many patients are prescribed a new medication during a period of hospitalisation. During this time, nurses are required to provide safe and quality care related to medication management.


Evaluate a case scenario and NIMC documentation and create a 5-minute video addressing concerns about Tramadol administration in relation to the case.



This assignment has THREE components:

  • Createa5-minute video presentationaddressing the 

Your task: Inform the surgical registrar about your concerns about administering the Tramadol.


  • Script

You are required to upload a written version of your script in word doc format. This provides you with an opportunity to use Turnitin to check for any anomalies (e.g. plagiarism) prior to submission.

3) Referencelist

A written reference list in word doc format, adhering to APA7 guidelines. The reference list can be placed at the end of the written script.

Presentation Requirements:VideoRecording:

  • You are required to wear Deakin uniform/professional attire. Present as if you were completing this assessment on clinical placement.
  • Videos should not regularly ‘stop’ and ‘start’ filming. Consider the most appropriate location of your camera to ensure the marker has the best view of the medical 
  • Use professional language and effective communication with the target 
  • Your video should be no longer than 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Videos will not be viewed /assessed past this 


  • Written script and reference list font must be size 12 and in an accessible font style e.g. Times New Roman or Calibri.
  • The written script should include in-text 
  • The reference list is provided at the end of the 
  • Referencing must adhere to APA7 
  • Prior to submission, evaluate your presentation against the marking rubric to ensure that you have addressed all the required elements for this assessment task.

Video submission instructions via DeakinAir:

  • Your video must be uploaded to your DeakinAir account with a publishing status of ‘Unlisted’.
  • Please see this instructional guide developed by Deakin University to assist 
  • Do not upload your video to YouTube as suggested in the online guide. If you are having difficulty uploading your video to DeakinAir, please contact IT Help
  • Once you have published your video in your DeakinAir, you must copy and paste the video URL and place it in your HNN215 assignment Dropbox “Comments”, with your written script and reference list.
  • Please ensure you monitor your Deakin email following your assessment submission as we will send you an email if there are 
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