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Identify services layout and connection methods for Type B and C constructions

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  1. What ‘Langshaw Reserve’ drawings show the water supply and discharge layout?
  2. With reference to ‘Langshaw Reserve’, in what two (2) documents would you find the description and use of water pumps to maintain storage tank levels?
  3. Where would you find the information regarding the limitations of water storage tanks?
  4. Describe who would size up a vent stack, how a stack (vent pipe) size is chosen, and what Australian Standard would be referenced?
  5. Describe the common way in which toilet, shower or any other waste is identified on the drawings?
  6. List two (2) people who are responsible for the design of/checking of the connection from the main drain to the local authority sewer system against the relevant building standards?
  7. List two (2) methods of disposing of sewage from fixtures situated below the “level” of the local authority sewer system.
  8. List two (2) pieces of equipment used to collect prohibited discharge from non-domestic buildings.
  9. With ‘Langshaw Reserve’ drawings, what is the collective name of the drawings for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (…… Services)
  10. Describe two (2) factors that must be taken into account when designing any ventilation system.
  11. Name three (3) type of hot water systems that can be employed within a building structure.
  12. When selecting a hot water system for commercial use, list three (3) factors that need to be considered?
  13. Describe two (2) aspects of roof construction that would facilitate the transmission of daylight into a building structure.
  14. Within what two (2) documents would you find the requirements for artificial lights requirements in various building types?
  15. During the planning process of a commercial building, what person can approve fire protection for the various building classifications if all fire protection matters meet the DTS provisions for fire safety in the BCA? The report and consent of the Chief Officer of which external authority must be obtained for an application for a building permit which involves prescribed fire safety matters, if those matters do not meet the deemed to satisfy provisions of the BCA?
  16. Name the two (2) standards that outline the requirements for “fire sprinkler systems” and “fire hose reels” for various building classifications.
  17. Name the three (3) standards that outline the requirements for “fire detection” and “alarm systems” and the application of fire doors for various building classifications.
  18. Describe five (5) types of fire extinguishers and, for each extinguisher, state what it is used for, and whether these extinguishers can be used on “Flammable Liquids” and “Cooking Oils & Fats”
  19. State from where you would obtain the procedures for the electrical supply connection.
  20. Name the Australian Standard that outlines the requirements for the electrical design for commercial buildings.
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