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Information Technology Fundamental Assignment

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Before you begin


You are to provide recommendation and advice on computer hardware based on client requirements.This is an individual assignment. Students are not permitted to work in a group when writing thisassignment.

Copying and Plagiarism

This is an individual assignment. Students are not permitted to work in a group when writing thisassignment. Plagiarism is the submission of another person's work in a manner that gives theimpression that the work is their own. La Trobe University treats plagiarism seriously. When detected,penalties are strictly imposed.

Submission Guidelines

Your assignment submission should be typed, not written/drawn by hand.Submit the electronic copy of your assignment through the subject Learning Portal.Submission after the deadline will incur a penalty of 5% of the available assignment mark per daycapped at 5 days. No assignment will be accepted after 5 days. If you have encountered difficulties thatlead to late submission or no submission, you should apply for special consideration.


Jack is a professional freelance developer and a gaming enthusiast. He creates game environments and uses3D modelling and animations as part of his work. Jack's current workstation is not performing up to scratch.He has determined that he needs a new machine and has decided to put together a new custom-built desktoppersonal computer (PC). However, Jack does not have much experience in this space.You are working as an IT consultant. Jack has engaged you to provide him with some advice. You must helpJack select the PC components based on his requirements and constraints.As part of this you will need to produce a report that explains to Jack what hardware you recommend and why.Jack is also unsure about some IT terminology. You will need to explain these to Jack as well.

Jack's Requirements

Jack needs his computer to run the Windows 10 operating system. His PC must also be capable of runningthe 3D modelling software 3DS MAX' and his favourite game Project CARS 2'. One of Jack's friends hadgiven him the Gigabyte motherboard H370M D3H GSM'. So, he wants to build the computer using thiscomponent and find the compatible hardware to complete his PC.Report RequirementsThe report is broken up into five separate tasks. For each section of the report you need to justify yourreasoning including proper referencing.


Task 1: Microprocessor and motherboard

For each of the software items and the operating system mentioned in Jack's requirements identify theminimum processor. You then need to recommend a processor that's compatible with the motherboard andthat will suit Jack's requirements. You must state the following about the processor:

  • Manufacturer
  • Number of processor cores
  • Speed
  • On-chip cache memory
  • Desktop or Mobile processor
  • 64-bit or 32-bit architecture

Jack is also unsure about what the purpose of the motherboard is. Give him a brief explanation.

Task 2: Memory

Jack is unsure about computer memory. He has asked if you might be able to put together a short report thatwill inform him of the difference between RAM, ROM and Cache. In relation to the selected motherboard statewhat type of RAM is compatible and the maximum capacity that is supported. Also identify the minimum RAMthat is required to run all of Jack's required software.

Task 3: Storage

Jack also needs to be provided with information on computer storage. You need to explain the differencesbetween hard-disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) and NVMe SSDs. RAM and SSDs are solid statedevices elaborate the difference between two types. You should also list the advantages of storage RAIDconfiguration with a brief explanation. Along with this you should list the advantages and disadvantages of thefollowing RAID configurations: RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10. Give a recommendation to Jackas to which option he should take up.

Task 4: Graphics card

Jack has wondered if he might need a dedicated graphics card. Identify if onboard graphics is sufficient or ifJack needs dedicated graphics card. If a graphics card is required, recommend a compatible graphics cardand provide information on its compatibility with the listed motherboard. Also, explain what type of slot thelisted motherboard requires to support your recommended graphics card.

Task 5: Backup options

Jack is also seeking advice on backup options. Your recommendation must include comparison anddifferences between cloud storage NAS. Suggest a solution with clear justification. Are both or any of theabove options suitable for his work?Assessment submissionYou answer must be provided as a single report addressing all the assessment tasks. See the providedexample report format to see how to format your report. For all information provided in the report, include thereferences (as a citation) as to where you located this information.

When you have completed the report, submit the assessment via the Assessment 1 Upload link on the LMSsystem. You should submit the following:

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