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International Business Assignment

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TASK 1:Create a Power Point Presentation On International Business

State the meaning of International Business

• Distinguish between Internal and International Business

• Discuss the scope of International Business

• Enumerate the benefits of International Business

• Discuss the documents required for import and export transactions

• Identify the incentives and schemes available for international firms

• Discuss the role of different organisations for the promotion of International Business

• List the major international institutions and agreements at the global level for the promotion of international trade and development.

TASK 2  Answer the following as instructed 

Short Answer Questions

1. Differentiate between international trade and international business.

2. Discuss any three advantages of international business.

3. What is the major reason underlying trade between nations?

4. Why is it said that licensing is an easier way to expand globally?

5. Differentiate between contract manufacturing and setting up wholly owned production subsidiary abroad.

6. Discuss the formalities involved in getting an export licence.

7. Why is it necessary to get registered with an export promotion council?

8. Why is it necessary for an export firm to go in for pre-shipment inspection?

9. What is bill of lading? How does it differ from bill of entry?

10. Explain the meaning of mate’s receipt.

11. What is a letter of credit? Why does an exporter need this document?

12. Discuss the process involved in securing payment for exports.

Long Answer Questions

1. “International business is more than international trade”. Comment.

2. What benefits do firms derive by entering into international business?

3. In what ways is exporting a better way of entering international markets than setting up wholly owned subsidiaries abroad.

4. Rekha Garments has received an order to export 2000 men’s trousers to Swift Imports Ltd., located in Australia. Discuss the procedure that Rekha Garments would need to go through for executing the export order. 2022-23 294 BUSINESS STUDIES

5. Your firm is planning to import textile machinery from Canada. Describe the procedure involved in importing.

6. Identify various organisations that have been set up in the country by the government for promoting country’s foreign trade.

7. What is IMF? Discuss its various objectives and functions.

8. Write a detailed note on features, structure, objectives and functioning of WTO.

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