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IT Literacy Assessment

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You will complete a questionnaire that will show your instructor how many skills you already have for word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs. You may need to visit Academic Advising or meet with your instructor outside of class to receive 30 minutes to 60 minutes of supplementary tutoring to help you master all of the most important skills for word processing software. If you go to Academic Advising for this requirement, please enter “Word Processing Software Training” as the reason for your visit(s).

You will complete two  posters for IT Literacy:

1 Color Posters: some shapes, some text, a photograph

(must include color scheme and guidelines)

1 - Your Choice


*Your instructor will provide the software for these posters.

Presentation Projects

Presentation One:

You will design and build a collection of multimedia slides to supplement your spoken words for a short presentation. Your presentation will introduce an important place or issue in the world, and it can be informative or argumentative. The audience for this presentation will be a small group of classmates, and you should speak for about 6 minutes. This presentation is a traditional presentation. Your spoken words and gestures (performed live) should be the most important means of communicating your message, and the media in your slides should augment the elements of this message.

Your slides must include the following:

  • A data visualization
  • A short video
  • Some images
  • Some text
  • One example of remixing*
  • Please use the results of our presentation analyses to help you design each of your slides.
  • *remixing is any combination of 2 or more multimedia resources/technologies
  • *examples of remixing: Google Earth + Screen Recording / Photograph + Edited Audio / Etc ?

Presentation Two: Choose 1 of the following options

Option 1: Video or Self-Playing Presentation

You will make a video or self-playing presentation, and you will need to make video recordings, make audio recordings, take photographs, and gather multimedia materials from online/offline. You will need to use various software programs (including smartphone apps) to edit these media and combine them with text, charts, and other multimedia to make your presentation. You may use any video editing software to produce the final presentation, and you may use Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, or any other presentation software to produce this presentation. You may choose any topic for the presentation, informative or argumentative, and your audience will be your IT Literacy classmates. This presentation is a modern presentation; the video or self-playing presentation will need to do all of the work by itself (you will not be present to say or add anything). Thus, you will need to include all elements of your message in the presentation. It’s very different from a traditional presentation, like presentation one.

Option 2: Interactive Presentation

You will design and build a simple website or other interactive presentation, and you should include original video or other multimedia. You will use Wix or Wordpress to build a website, or you will use any presentation software to create an interactive presentation. You are free to choose any topic for this presentation, informative or argumentative, and you may choose a unique audience for this work, if you like. This audience will likely explore the presentation in a nonlinear way, so you must have a clear navigation system (menus, etc) of hyperlinks to guide them, but your presentation still needs to be organized and structured with the basic elements of a good presentation: a good introduction (with a clear thesis/goal and a multimedia hook); strong supporting details (with examples, reasons, data/numbers, and sensory media); and unity/coherence, etc. If you prefer to practice video editing skills for video presentations, simply include these videos as the introduction and supporting details for a simple website or interactive presentation.

Data & Spreadsheet Projects


Data Project:

Using publicly available data, you will create a simple spreadsheet with Google Sheets. You will explore publicly available data about countries of the world (the CIA world factbook), and fill a simple Google Sheet with some data. Please choose countries and types of data that you understand and want to explore.


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