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Maximum Demand and Design Project Assessment

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Design Assignment Outline of Tasks

1. Calculate the maximum demand of all sub-mains supplying the units.

2. Calculate the maximum demand of the consumer mains supplying the complex.

3. Select a suitably sized substation transformer to supply the complex allowing for a max er to supply the complex allowing for a maximum of 20% extra capacity. (Do not exceed 20%) Transformer's Z% = 5%.

4.Select cables and associated protective earthing conductors to suit all installation requirements set out by relevant standards and regulations such as, but not limited to, current carrying capacity, voltage drop, short circuit or fault current performance, earth-fault loop impedance and coordination rule.

5. Select all the equipotential bonding conductors required for the installation.

6. Design and detail the arrangements for the multiple master meter enclosure and the main switchboard according to: AS/NZS 3000 WA Electrical requirements ? Western Australian Distribution Connection Manual.

7. Calculate the prospective Short Circuit Current (Desc) and Prospective Earth Fault Current (Ipec) of the main distribution board then determine the Ka rating of the equipment within the board.

8 Draw a single line diagram showing protection devices, Active links, Neutral links, earthing system and KWh meter connections. Include conductor sizes on the diagram.

9. Design and detail the schedule arrangements for the sub-board of unit one. 40 Calculate the prospective Short Circuit Current (Ipsc) and Prospective Earth Fault Current (Ipec) of the boards then determine the Ka rating of the equipment within the boards row a single line diagram showing the arrangement of final sub-circuits of unit one's sub-board. Show protective device ratings as well as the cable types and sizes. provide evidence that all cables, circuit protection and other equipment is verified safe for installation ise. KA rating, "K" factor and Earth Loop Impedance. Note: Provide as much reference as possible such as specific standards, rule numbers and table numbers you refer to as you progress through the project. Without such evidence the assessor cannot give you the benefit of doubt where your answers are different for example due to rounding of the values. All the selected protection devices must be of the standard ratings that is non-adjustable type approved and available in Australia.


Maximum Demand Project Assignment Only a minimum amount of information has been provided for this project. Circuit loading, the number offinal sub circuits and many other specifications have been left out for deliberately. Provide your own specifications such as cable sizes, circuit protection device size and type and number of circuits for lighting, power, air conditioning and hot water services. Installation Information and Specifications 1. Small shopping complex containing 5 identical units as per provided plan. 2.The point of supply to the complex is via a dedicated transformer on site and underground consumer mains as shown on the plan.

3. Metering is to be arranged in the Multiple Master Metering (MMM) method that complies with network operator's connection manual.

4. Each shop unit contains loads: 5 Minimum information about circuit cables is provided in the table below. Please note that the minimum number of circuits must comply with all codes and standards applicable to this as Building Code of Australia (BCA) and WA's Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992.

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