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Medical Microbiology Assignment

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1. What word describes a mutually beneficial relationship?

A. Saprophytic

B. Commensal

C. Symbiotic

D. Pathogenic

2. What does the protozoa plasmodia cause?

A. Ringworm

B. Malaria

C. Dysentry

D. Meningitis

3. What does Staphylococcus aureus cause?

A. Boils, septicaemia, food poisoning, wound infections

B. Tonsillitis, cellulitis, scarlet fever, septicaemia

C. Pneumonia., otitis media, meningitis

D. Endocarditis, dental caries

4. What does Streptococcus pneumoniae cause?

A. Boils, septicaemia, food poisoning, wound infections

B. Tonsillitis, cellulitis, scarlet fever, septicaemia

C. Pneumonia., otitis media, meningitis

D. Endocarditis, dental caries

5. Salmonella causes Enteric fever (typhoid) and food poisoning. Is it a...

A. Fungi

B. Gram-positive bacilli

C. Gram negative bacilli

D. Gram positive cocci

6. Hepatitis B is caused by the DNA virus hepadnavirus. How is it transmitted?

A. Blood and bodily fluids

B. Airborne

C. Waterborne

D. Foodborne

7. Which virus is known to cause cervical cancer?

A. Papillomavirus

B. Parvovirus

C. Poxvirus

D. Paramyxoviruses 

8. What do the RNA orthomyxoviruses cause?

A. Influenza

B. Yellow fever

C. Colds

D. Meningitis

9. Which of these causes AIDs?

A. Rhabdoviruses

B. Retroviruses

C. Reoviruses

D. Orthomyxoviruses

10. Gram-positive cell walls are what percentage of peptidoglycan?

A. 90-95%

B. 50-60%

C. 5-10%

D. 25-30%

11. For an anaerobic infection which drug is our first choice?

A. Metronidazole

B. Amoxycillin

C. Gentamicin

D. Vancomycin

12. Which of these is not a gram-negative bacteria?

A. Escherichia coli (E. coli)

B. Salmonella

C. Haemophilus influenzae

D. Streptococcus pneumonia

13. Which of these gram-negative bacteria commonly cause a UTI?

A. Escherichia coli (E. coli)

B. Neisseria gonorrhoeae

C. Neisseria meningitis

D. Salmonella

14. What disease/condition does salmonella cause?

A. Hepatobiliary tract infection

B. Enteric fever and Gastroenteritis in the elderly

C. Respiratory and CNS infection, especially in infants

D. CNS infection

15. What disease/condition does Haemophilus influenza cause?

A. Respiratory and CNS infection, especially in infants

B. Enteric fever

C. Cellulitis/skin infection

D. Endocarditis

16. What type of antibiotics works by affecting cell wall synthesis?





17. Aminoglycosides work by Interaction with the 30S subunit of ribosomes. Which of these are examples of aminoglycosides?

A. Streptomycin, gentamycin

B. Erythromycin, azithromycin, clarithromycin

C. Vancomycin

D. Penicillin

18. Macrolides bind to the 50S subunit of the ribosome: inhibiting translocation of the growing peptide chain. Which of these are examples of macrolides?

A. Streptomycin, gentamycin

B. Erythromycin, azithromycin, clarithromycin

C. Vancomycin

D. Amoxicillin

19. Which of these groups of antibiotics work by affecting nucleic acid function or synthesis?





20. Which of these antibiotics works by inhibiting the folic acid converting enzyme?

A. Trimetroprim

B. Amoxicillin

C. Metronidazole

D. Rifampicin 

21. What is the clinical manifestation of poliovirus?

A. Gastroenteritis

B. Myocarditis

C. Spinal paralysis

D. Conjunctivitis

22. Spring fatigue, Burkitt lymphoma and nasopharynxcarconoma can all be caused by which virus?

A. Orthopoxviruses


C. Caliciviruses

D. Hepatitis 

23. Which of these is not a bloodborne virus?


B. Hepatitis A

C. Hepatitis B

D. Hepatitis D

24. Which vector(s) carry rabies?

A. Mosquito

B. Mice, rats

C. Rodents, monkeys, cows, sheep

D. Dogs, foxes, bats

25. Which of these is carried by mosquitos?

A. Influenza

B. Ebola type hemorrhagic fevers

C. Dengue hemorrhagic fever

D. Milkers nodule

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