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MGMT1002 Communication, Culture and Indigenous Perspectives in Business Assessment

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Welcome to Communication, Culture and Indigenous Perspectives in Business (CCIB)!
The Faculty of Business and Law (FBL) is proud to co-teach this unit with the Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS). You have enrolled in the internal availability for this unit. All students in this unit will have access to a WEEKLY LECTURE and a WEEKLY TUTORIAL. You will need to register for a specific tutorial time. Please make sure you only attend the tutorial for which you are registered. Due to Covid-19 and OHS restrictions, we have very strict caps on class numbers. We cannot allow more students in the room than the maximum registrations, and you cannot attend a tutorial unless you are registered for that time.
Over the course of 12 teaching weeks, we will provide you with an understanding of the role of diverse, intercultural perspectives of business today, including Indigenous perspectives. You will be challenged to reflect on your own cultural background and develop ways of working that are respectful in diverse settings. We will explore how culture impacts the realities of doing business, and understand the roles of ethics, responsibility, and sustainability in a competitive global environment. This unit will also help to further develop your communication, academic integrity, and critical thinking skills, preparing you for the rest of your business degree as well as your future as a business professional.
As “Scholars of Business,” with ideas and opinions worth sharing with your peers, you will be challenged to express your viewpoint on contemporary business issues and support your stance with persuasive arguments. As you will present your ideas and opinions in a variety of forums, you will in turn be exposed to and learn various interpersonal, group work, and communication skills essential for university and employment success in the ever changing global business environment.
Each Module on Blackboard is broken down into three categories: Pre-Tutorial, Tutorial, and Post-Tutorial. You should take the time to go through all Pre-Tutorial content, and attend or watch the Lecture, each week prior to attending your Tutorial class, to ensure you keep up with the unit content.

Learning Activities

Each week you have a one hour lecture and two hour tutorial. Some of the information provided in lectures and tutorials are not accessible in any other format, so be sure to attend your classes each week. Lectures and tutorials are supplemented with a range of materials accessible from Blackboard. Please be sure to review the appropriate Learning Module on Blackboard prior to classes each week, as this will include information about any required readings as well as tutorial discussion topics to help you prepare for class.

Tutorials and Lectures

This unit is highly practical. The principal purpose of the lectures is to introduce you to the language of business that underpins business communication in today’s world. We will examine real business cases and ask you to give your opinion on each week’s topic in the tutorial, using the language from the lectures. In the tutorials we want to know what you think about issues facing business today! The lectures or tutorials do not provide you with “the”
answers, there are rarely black and white answers, but there is better or worse reasoning, and this unit aims to increase your critical thinking. We will spend a lot of time on thinking - thinking quickly and thinking with structure - so your delivery is clear, understood and, most importantly, remembered. Finally, the tutorials provide important information about your assessments and how to successfully complete them.

Assessment policy exemptions

  • There are no exemptions to the assessment policy

Assessment schedule


1. Case Study

2. Individual Oral Presentation

3. Written Reflection

Detailed information on assessment tasks

1. Case Study: 30%

For Assessment 1, students will first need to access, read, and reflect on a short case study provided by the Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS). After reading the case study, students will need to answer the questions provided, and submit their response through Turnitin on Blackboard. More details about this assessment, including the marking rubric, will be located in the “Assessments/Assessment 1: Case Study” area of Blackboard.

2. Individual Oral Presentation: 40%

You will work to create a compelling presentation critically interrogating the claims of a major global company of your choice, with a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of your choice, using PowerPoint, delivered in your Tutorial in Module 9.
More details about this assessment, including the marking rubric, will be located in the “Assessments/Assessment 2: Individual Oral Presentation” area of Blackboard.

3. Written Reflection: 30%

For this assessment, students will write a reflection on your key learnings, behaviours, actions and emotions during the semester. More details about this assessment, including the marking rubric, will be located in the “Assessments/Assessment 3: Written Reflection” area of Blackboard.

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