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MGMT1003 Strategic Career Design Assessment

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The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the impact of global labour markets, changing social trends, and technological innovation on career opportunities and choices in the future of work. Through the application of career construction theory and design thinking frameworks, students will examine and develop the critical employability skills required to create and sustain meaningful work across a broad range of industry sectors and cultural contexts. Students will explore a range of potential career trajectories utilising self-reflection and critical thinking skills - both key skill requirements in the future of work. Students will also be using a range of tools throughout the teaching period to ideate, consider and plan their own career journeys.

Most of your education has been focussed on what to think – not how to think. This unit flips that – it focusses on your thinking: who you are, your values, what you want from life and career and how you are going to get there. The unit is also about harnessing the key employability skills of change, adaptability, resilience, creativity and innovation – as it relates to what you want to achieve.

Unit Learning Outcomes

All graduates of Curtin University achieve a set of six Graduate Capabilities during their course of study. These inform an employer that, through your studies, you have acquired discipline knowledge and a range of other skills and capabilities which employers would value in a professional setting. Each unit in your course addresses the Graduate Capabilities through a clearly identified set of learning outcomes. They form a vital part in the process referred to as assurance of learning. The learning outcomes notify you of what you are expected to know, understand or be able to do in order to be successful in this unit. Each assessment for this unit is carefully designed to test your knowledge of one or more of the unit learning outcomes. On successfully completing all of the assessments you will have achieved all of these learning outcomes.

Assessment policy exemptions

  • There are no exemptions to the assessment policy

Assessment schedule


1 Career Plan

2 Career Passport

3 Team Assessment

Detailed information on assessment tasks

1. Career Plan (40%)

Format: Report

You will develop a career plan for yourself over the next three years which also includes a 'What if?' plan: circumstances change so you need to think about your alternative plan. The focus will be on your preparation for your graduate career journey at the end of your studies.

Career planning is not something that you do 'in the future' or 'after you have your degree', it is something you put into place now and reflect on and review regularly. Career planning should be an ongoing process of developing your career and reaching towards your aspirations and goals – short and long term.

The career plan that you develop now is not something that is set forever and cannot be changed; so it should be clear enough to provide a good sense of planning and practical pathway, but flexible enough to be able to be adapted as your circumstances and progress change. Remember your career is a journey – not an end destination.

In developing your plan, you should reflect back on your work in the workshops through the semester: the ‘Your Compass’ activity, the Odyssey (My Futures) plan, inheritance factors (Gingerbread activity) as well as a number of the other workshop activities we encouraged you to engage with.

2. Career Passport (30%)

The following milestones should be followed to ensure you complete by the due date:

  1. Employability tool - completed along with reflection by week 3 (Module 03).
  2. Complete second module by week 8 (Module 07).
  3. Complete third module by week 10 (Module 09).
  4. Complete fourth module by week 12 (Module 11) 

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