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Model Development Of Organization in Saudi Arab

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    Saudi Arabia

Given that SAMI is a Saudi Arabian manufacturing company and FIGEAC AERO is a French manufacturing company that has recently established its alliance (Saudi Gazette, 2021), many departments of their companies would have to be synchronised. Some of these departments would be:

· Communications

· Human Resources

· Public Relations

· Supply chain

· Inventory

· Finance

· Accounts

The risk of the joint venture deal between SAMI and FIGEAC AERO failing will occur during the technology integration phase if it is not handled with a well-thought-out strategy. Enterprise security, compliance, and worker productivity can all suffer irreparable disruptions at this point. IT must carefully balance maintaining stability and keeping to schedule. In order to accomplish this, they must be aware of the technological difficulties posed by joint ventures and mergers. By doing this, they can avoid direct conflict, ensure a smooth transition, sustain business operations, and provide employees with a great digital experience. (Nexthink, 2022)

An analysis must be conducted by their IT team to understand the existing systems for each of these departments for both the companies to visualise what similarities and difference exist amongst these systems. Without a thoroughly planned analysis, it cannot be established whether important information can be exchanged, and efficient communication installed without the involvement of a third-party software that could compromise the privacy of their data and productivity of their business overall.

Some of the issues that the management of SAMI FIGEAC AERO would suffer are:

· Lack of security and compliance - It is nearly a given that two or more enterprise-level IT environments will have various security and compliance standards and procedures. Undoubtedly, one of IT's main goals during a joint venture is to bring those two into harmony.


The enterprise is at risk from shadow IT, poor data privacy practices, and out-of-date security protocols. Without visibility, IT is operating in the dark and runs the risk of missing significant system flaws. The success of this depends on bringing the entire environment up to the highest security and compliance requirements. To do this effectively, IT needs full 360-degree visibility to identify, analyze, and resolve any problems as they occur. 

· Building an environment and its hardware - Although it would be wonderful to just move the new IT environment's entirety to a single platform, this is not always feasible, especially in the short term. 

Without experiencing significant increases in MTTR, IT teams must be prepared to monitor and respond to problems and anomalies brought on by this new hardware landscape. This level of service may be maintained, and even improved, with the use of tools that provide real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and remediations. 

· Usage of current applications and licenses - It is necessary to make decisions regarding the fusion of the tech stacks and data environments of two or more merged companies. This procedure will play a key role in advancing the commercial objectives of SAMI FIGEAC AERO that they seek to achieve. Due to excessive software license provisioning and general poor planning and scheduling, it is usually extremely time-consuming and expensive. Software licensing over- or under-provisioning can reduce productivity, increase IT costs, and reduce business output. In order to minimize disruption to employee productivity, user experience, and the organization as a whole, IT teams must integrate environments.

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