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 Movie Ticket Booking System Database Project Proposal

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 Movie Ticket Booking System Database Project Proposal

 Proposal Title: Database Management Project Proposal


  • Movie Theatre Business
  • Project Designer’s Information (Jay Bhatt, 2845926@vikes.csuohio.edu,+1-732-433-4785)
  • Submitted to:   Dr. Cheng for IST 634 (Enterprise Databases) Fall 2022 Project
  • Proposal date: September 11, 2022


Topic Research and Executive Summary

Movie theatres are still popular despite the plethora of video streaming services available today. One of the things about movie theatre business is that people will continue to want to go out and see a movie on the big screen. New popular formats such as IMAX, Drive-in (open air), mini movie theatre and 3D and 4D movies have allowed these businesses to thrive even though many now prefer to watch media from their homes. For the past 20 years, movie theatres have solved the problem of people staying at home watching the media by constantly offering exciting new offers to go to the movies. Many people who like to date will often go to the movies, which is considered a form of entertainment at a moderate cost.

Statement of Work

  • Project Description:

The cinema will be a great place for everyone to enjoy and gather with family, friends and loved ones. So, our main goal is to provide the best services and offers where all types of individuals can attract and can afford. Our main goal is to expand the worldwide theatre franchise and entertain consumers. The theatre will support events like live-streamed sporting events, performances and concerts, special film showings, feature speakers and present arts and culture performances. Its focus will be to attract as many of consumers as possible by providing them with an affordable entertainment option. The specification describes the development phases, including design, development, deployment, and testing of the database. Software engineers will use the database requirements specification to create the database management system, as well as the end users of the application. The requirements of the database management application should be understood by the software designer to create and develop the necessary software. The generated software will be evaluated by the end user to see if it meets certain requirements and standards.

  • Challenges:

Our main challenge will be to keep the data update and the client will book the tickets and running. One challenge we can take is that any new update can lead to data loss as try to implement new features and due to unethical practices that people have to face difficulty for breaching their data. At this stage, we may be dealing with the several factors which affect the any ticket booking industry are but the main aspects of creating a good quality ticket selling service involves:

  • Ticketing Interphase
  • Slot Management: close bookings
  • Consumer cancellation option for reservations
  • Price per booking: Time slot management
  • Calendar-based booking management: via calendar
  • Streaming online booking process
  • Consumer’s complaint management

Another challenge we face is that in unavoidable circumstances, if there is a need to move data from one system to another, it will be a big challenge for us. Its main purpose is to inform our customers what time the movies are playing with links to the desktop app and reviews of each movie. The design will feature an image of the theater as well as a list of current and upcoming movies and will be small enough to load quickly on most personal computers. Since the movies will change every two weeks, maintenance should be straightforward. Arrangements were made with local newspapers and the university to get links to our desktop app from theirs.

  • Booking Marketing Strategy
  • Development Requirements
  • Database management system


Project Management Approaches, Schedule, and Milestones

I have completed 6-month internship as a Java Developer and learn concepts regarding databases in a company named Silverwing Technologies Private Limited. 

Project Schedule: 

Methodology and Implementation Plan

The implementation and methodology phase are one of the most important parts of database design because it defines the logic phase. A good strategy is needed to implement a database to store user data. The plans involve the implementation of the database and the database engines. User data is stored in a user-defined, user-entered database. Management tasks related to the entire data business component are supported. The logic of the implementation requires a detailed understanding of the functions provided by database systems. One of the challenges we faced was the need to design with the right implementation.

  • Logical Design: user database and booking information
  • Physical Design: code execution and database connectivity
  • Prototype: In this part, we need to create design on user interface and view data on admin side
  • Performance evaluation: check database connection and CRUD operation 

Expected Results: The Deliverables

Once this project is completed, users can easily book tickets from the app and see available movies and showtimes. In addition, they will choose the type of theater in which they want to watch movies such as IMAX, 3D and 4D movies. Another thing is that users can check the number of unreserved seats in real time and can choose the seats according to their needs. 


I have completed my bachelor’s in computer engineering from Gujarat Technological University in the year 2020 and I passed my engineering with flying colors. After that I have done 6-month internship as a Java and database developer in a private firm named Silverwing Technologies and I would like to make my career in cybersecurity field as I’m cyber geek.

 Supporting Facilities

For this project, supporting facilities include:

  1. Microsoft Access (Database implementation)
  2. Front-end Developing tools
  • Visio (Designing)
  1. Visual studio (Back-end coding) 

Progressive Description & Milestones:                 


  • Identify the Business Models (09/14/2022): Over the course of 20 years, the movies themselves have increasingly sought to assert themselves as incredible, magnificent, unique, and unmissable experiences, to make people want to pay for movie tickets.

The chart above shows the revenue of PVR (Priya Village Road Show) cinema, which is the fastest growing cinema chain in India. Revenue of PVR Limited, India's largest film exhibition company in fiscal year 2020, was around 7.49 billion Indian rupees. This reflects a significant drop in revenue of over Rs 34.5 billion in fiscal year 2021. PVR Cinemas was founded in 1997 and since then the company has grown rapidly, with over 800 theaters in 71 cities in India.

  • Business Investigation (09/13/2022): Consumers face many challenges like they have to stay in the long queue to book the tickets and they are not able to choose their desire seat to watch the movie as well as they have to leave their seat to take the food and drinks. But because of advancement in technology consumers choose online portal to book their tickets.
  • Defining the Mission Statement (09/14/2022): Cinema has a mission to provide the best cinema experience for everyone. They want the public to be able to reach them anywhere and anytime. The company's vision is to remain the most preferred and premium entertainment company in the world. It aims to provide premium cinematic experiences to its customers at an affordable cost with the best qualities. 
  • Dialogue to support Mission Statement (09/20/2022):

Me: What is the main goal of developing this portal?

Manager: Once this portal will develop then user can easily book their tickets.

Me: How you store advance booking in your database?

Developer: With the help of the calendar-based booking user can book the tickets of upcoming shows and choose their seats as well in advance.

Me: Is there any benefit feature in the portal?

Manager: Yes, consumers can order their foods and beverages with the help of this portal.

            Me: What if user want to cancel their ticket? 

Developer: With the help of cancellation feature user can cancel their ticket from the portal and refund will be

  • Defining the Mission Objectives (09/20/2022):

The main goal for design the movie portal is that:

  • The portal allows users to book their tickets.
  • The users also book their tickets in advance with the help of calendar-based booking.
  • The consumers cancel the tickets in advance before their show timing.
  • Admin can upload image. And this image will store in databases and then display in main page.
  • With help of this portal consumers can order their food on their seats.
  • Dialogue to support Mission Objectives (09/22/2022):

            Me: What kind of data you take from user?

            Developer: In database we want to store user’s information like contact number, movie           name and show, the time of the movie, seat number and many more.

            Me: How to show image from the database?

            Developer: when manager upload the image it will directly goes to the folder and then fetch        from the folder path.

Logical Design:

  • The List of Subjects (“09/21/2022”):
  • Theater
  • Admin
  • Customers
  • Food and Beverages
  • Feedback
  • Employee
  • Payment
  • Ticket booking
  • Cancellation
  • Dialogue to support list of subjects (“09/24/2022”):

Me: How this data will help the business?

Developer: With the help of this data, we attract he consumers to take our services.

Me: How you will attract the consumers?

Developer: By applying the right marketing strategy and working website with the discount and offers users will attract to take the services. 

  • The List of Characteristics (“10/2/2022”)
  • Movie Details
  • Theatre
  • Admin Details
  • Password
  • Admin Id
  • Food Details
  • Feedback
  • Ticket Booking
  • Cancellation
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Zip Code
  • Food Quantity
  • Payment Method
  • Dialogue to support list of characteristics (09/21/2022):

Me: Which data are you collecting from the user?

Developer: We need consumer’s details like phone number, email address, and which date, time and movie show they have book.

Me: How they know they have booked the right show or not?

Developer: After booking from the user portal customers will receive the confirmation in their email address like the show date, time and theatre number as well.

Me: How you will manage the data of consumers?

Developer: We will store consumers data in the database and retrieve the data whenever its need.

  • Preliminary Field List (“10/09/2022”):
  1. Theatre Id
  2. Theatre Name
  3. Theatre Type
  4. Show details
  5. Ticket Booking
  6. Admin Id
  7. Admin Name
  8. Admin Email
  9. Password
  10. Customer Id
  11. Customer First Name
  12. Customer Last Name
  13. Customer Phone Number
  14. Customer address
  15. Customer Email
  16. Seat Details
  17. Feedback
  18. Payment Id
  19. Payment Method
  20. Sales Record
  21. Employee Id
  22. Employee First Name
  23. Employee Last Name
  24. Employee Phone Number
  25. Employee address
  26. Employee Email
  27. Ticket Id
  28. Seat Details
  29. Movie Details 
  • Value Field List:


Value List

Add Movie


movie_id, movie_name, director, release_date, category, language, show, action, description, image, status


cust_id, movie, show_time, fname, lname phoneNum, Address, th_id, cust_email,


cust_id, name, email, message

Ticket Booking

cust_id, seat_id, payment_method, th_id, t_type

  • Calculate Field List (“10/09/2022”):
  1. Add Movie
  2. Sales Record
  3. Theatre Show
  4. Tickets
  • Preliminary Table List (“10/09/2022”):
  1. Customer
  2. Employee
  3. Payment
  4. Theatre
  5. Ticket Booking
  6. Food and Beverages
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  • Posted on : December 09th, 2022
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