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You are required to produce a 5-year business/strategic plan report. Prepare a business/strategic plan report for a new business venture (NBV) scenario, the report should be suitable for potential investors and relevant stakeholders. In the scenarios, appropriate permission of use of data should be sought. If you are using publicly available information you do not require permission. 

In producing your report you should:

a) Provide appropriate context: research the relevant ‘real world’ industry, market and business environment the venture is situated in. You should use a combination of relevant real-world primary and/or secondary research to provide the basis upon which your strategic choices are made.

b) Utilise a range of strategic tools (SWOT, PESTLE, Ansoff, Porter, Business Canvas and others as appropriate) to help analyse the relevant situated context.

c) Identify, explore and evaluate alternative strategies for developing the business. All strategy permutations are not required to be submitted in the final report, however there should be consideration of alternatives as part of your own ‘process of elimination’ rather than just magically showing a final set of strategies! You may wish to show glimpses of these alternatives – key figures and/or refer to key aspects that would not be viable etc. – to show that there were indeed alternatives considered.

d) Arising out of a), b) and c) above, set out a compelling five-year business plan consultancy report designed to enhance shareholder value. You must define the shareholder value or stakeholder value (where the organization is not-for-profit) you are addressing and must explain and justify its selection. The report may identify a range of strategies for consideration but should ultimately put forward your recommendation (and perhaps some contingency alternative) with evidenced justification for why the proposed is the best way forward.

e) Identify specific key performances (KPIs) to assist in measuring to what degree shareholder value (or stakeholder value if you are focusing on a non-profit organisation) is being enhanced. These KPIs should be justified and appropriately monitored such that it facilitates a good overview of performance.

f) Include extracts of your spreadsheet planning tool results/financial forecasts within your report to strengthen your justifications and evidence. You may wish to conduct a CapEx analysis as part of the financials. You are not required to submit the actual planning tool. However, the connectivity of your financial plans should flow throughout your report and should be presented in a user-friendly and robust manner.

g) Review your proposed plan and identify and assess the key risks within it.

h) You should include graphs, tables and figures within the main body of the report where appropriate. If you carry out any primary research, you should include relevant extracts (not included in the word limit) as an appendix as part of the evidence of carrying out that primary research and appropriate analysis. Where you carry out secondary research you should ensure you reference appropriately and clearly. 


  • Overall contextual research into the relevant industry, market and business environment.
  • Use of primary and/or secondary research to justify the strategic option(s) being set out for the organisation.
  • Definition and justification of shareholder/stakeholder value for chosen organisation.
  • Recommended strategy/strategies and justification of those strategies, as well as any core contingency alternatives where appropriate.
  • Robust linkages with your financial forecasts.
  • New business venture/workplace scenario-specific KPIs justification.
  • Identification and assessment of key risks within the proposed plan. May include and link to the contingencies proposed.
  • The quality of the report taking account of cohesion, links with your research, evidence, financials, justifications and associated considerations. Note: this will be assessed using the assessor’s academic judgement of the overall submission presented.
  • Overall communication – Note: this will be assessed using the assessor’s academic judgement of the overall submission presented. 


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