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NU 320 Nursing Research Quiz

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1. The most reliable means of obtaining nursing knowledge is through

A. trial and error.

B. tradition.

C. scientific research.

D. authority.


2. Applied research

A. often leads to basic research.

B. depends on the existence of healthy participants.

C. usually occurs in a laboratory.

D. is not usually based on an immediate practical need.


3. The major reason for conducting nursing research is to

A. promote evidence-based care for patients/clients.

B. promote the growth of the nursing profession.

C. document the cost-effectiveness of nursing care.

D. ensure accountability for nursing practice.


4. What statement explains how research is establishing the credibility of nursing as a profession?

A. Nursing has traditionally borrowed knowledge from the natural sciences.

B. Through research, nursing has been establishing a body of

knowledge that is distinct from other professions.

C. Nurses were included on the Gallup Poll as professionals with an ethical


D. The nursing profession exists to provide service to society.


5. What type of research provides a statistical analysis of the relationships among variables?

A. quantitative research studies

B. qualitative research studies

C. a tightly controlled study

D. a cost-effectiveness study


6. Describe the usual setting for research during a qualitative study.

A. The setting is usually a remote place where the participant responds to a


B. A small numbers of participants usually share their information in a

natural setting.

C. Large numbers of participants respond to computer-based surveys from

their homes.

D. A proctored and quiet test setting is used to collect information.


7. What is a graduate of a practice-focused doctoral nursing program academically prepared to do? Choose all that apply.

A. Use advanced leadership knowledge.

B. Evaluate research.

C. Translate research into practice.

D. Begin an independent program of research.

E. Carry out research


8. All nurses should be able to

A. identify researchable problems for nursing research studies.

B. explain the details of a medical research study to potential participants.

C. determine when most study findings are ready for use in nursing practice.

D. confidently critique the majority of published nursing research studies.


9. As nurses first began to receive advanced educational preparation and became qualified to conduct research, many of their studies concerned

A. nursing education.

B. characteristics of nurses.

C. nursing administration.

D. nursing care.


10. First Nursing Research Journal

A. Nursing Research

B. Qualitative Nursing Research

C. Clinical Nursing Research

D. Biological Research for Nursing




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