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NUR258 Clinical Case Study Assessment

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Your task is to write a clinical case study on a client that you meet on placement. You will do so by using parts of the clinical reasoning cycle. The word count for each section is only a
guide and indicates how much information to provide. A brief example has been provided in each section to help you. Do not copy this example.

There are a total of 5 steps to complete, and each step is numbered according to its place in the clinical reasoning cycle.

Step 1: Consider the patient situation (100 words)

- Provide a brief overview of the patient’s situation
- Focus on why they have come in for treatment or review.

Step 2: Collect clues/information (500 words)

- Discuss your client’s relevant clinical history.
- Using evidence, outline why this history is relevant to their current mental state,
- Identify one to two (1-2) priority nursing assessments that you conducted with the client. You will lose marks if you discuss more than 2 assessments.
- Using evidence from your research, discuss these assessment results.

Step 3: Take action (700 words)

As per step 6 of the clinical reasoning cycle, you need to identify one to two (1-2)
recovery-focused nursing interventions. You will lose marks if you discuss more than two
interventions. You should:

- Identify the intervention.
- Discuss why you have chosen this intervention and the evidence for its use (i.e your research findings).
- Discuss how it will help your client, and/or how it aligns to your client’s goals.
- Discuss how this intervention aligns to the recovery model.
- Take a critical view. That is, look at both the strengths and limitations of this intervention.

Step 4: Evaluate outcomes (200 words)

Provide a brief overview of your client’s outcomes. That is, discuss their progress, their
perspective, and their current treatment plan.

Step5: Reflect on process and new learning (500 words)

Step 5 of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle requires you to critically reflect on what you have
learned and what you might do differently next time. You can use personal pronouns here.
You should discuss:

- What you did well with this client
- What you would do better next time, including research you need to undertake
- How caring for your client has challenged your assumptions or led to insights into
mental health
- Any legal or ethical issues you encountered
- Consider the impact of recovery orientated approaches on your client, and/or in
mental healthcare in general.

You can use the Gibbs Reflective Cycle to help frame your discussion if you wish to.

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