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Oral Presentation on Literacies and Communication for Health Care

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Assessment on Literacies and Communication for Health Care

Part A: In a voice recorded PowerPoint presentation, you will analyse the communication processes occurring between the patient and nurse in the given scenario (below), based on your developed knowledge and understanding of communication frameworks and concepts of care covered in the course. You will identify and discuss the ineffective verbal and nonverbal communication evident in this scenario. You will then apply the effective communication framework as learned, which contributes to achievement of therapeutic communication for patient and family. Integrate a SOAP note for the non- verbal inter-professional communication and a verbal clinical handover (SBAR format) on how you would communicate this in a nursing handover at the end of your shift, as per intra-professional communication.

Your slide presentation must include the following:
  1. An introduction:
    • Introduce yourself to the reader/listener
    • Provide an overview of the main points that your presentation is going to provide
  2. In the body of your presentation:
    Provide a discussion of each of the components in your presentation:
    1. Your analysis of the ineffective communication used by the nurse, patient in the scenario.
    2. Application of communication strategies, skills and approaches to achieve both effective and therapeutic communications, inclusive of discussion on caring conversations and cultural considerations to support the loss and grief of the
    3. SOAP notes that document the ineffective You will include in your presentation a slide of documented SOAP notes of the information exchange between yourself and patient and family, as part of written communication in healthcare.
    4. SBAR approach for clinical handover for consistency in therapeutic communication. You will provide an orally presented clinical handover using the SBAR format for intra- professional communication between nurses to ensure consistency of therapeutic communication.
  3. Provide in-text references in your slides to support your information and/or specific examples.

  4. In your conclusion:
    Provide a summation on how written and verbal professional communication contributes to patient safety and quality in nursing practice. Finish with a powerful impact statement.

Using the first 2 stages of Gibbs Reflective Cycle (below), provide a reflective paragraph (in your Portfolio) about the resilience and self-care required for maintaining effective and therapeutic communications relative to the scenario (below).



You (the nurse) are commencing your shift in a medical ward and have been allocated a new admission, Ms Jane Fryberg, a 28-year-old Indigenous female from Goomeri, a small rural town 200kms north-west of Toowoomba.

You received a very brief bedside clinical handover as the end of shift nurse was rushing to leave for a personal appointment. You agreed to read the

patients medical records and discuss with the patient about her health history and admission to hospital.

You decide to talk to Jane first in order to establish a therapeutic relationship. You commence with asking her age and if she lives locally. Jane replied and her observed facial expression was one of annoyance. You then question Jane regarding her symptoms leading up to her hospital admission and asked what investigations have been undertaken since her arrival into the ward.

Jane becomes much shorter in her responses, providing limited details and avoids eye contact with you. You ask Jane, Is everything ok Jane, I notice you are very brief in your answers to my questions? Jane replies, I don't understand why you are asking me all of these questions when you can just read the notes about my age and address in my hospital chart and that folder at the end of my bed. I feel like I am repeating the same things over and over, to the last nurse and now you.

You explain to Jane you are talking with her to learn more about her and checking that information already documented is correct, as part of your responsibility in caring for her this afternoon. Jane still appears to be frustrated from your observations of her non-engagement with you, and continued avoidance of eye contact. Jane nods her head with questions you further ask about her family, relatives in the area and any special dietary requirements.

Jane has no family in Toowoomba, all reside on the Sunshine Coast. She was in Toowoomba at a friends birthday party when she became unwell with headaches, vomiting and dizziness, causing her to collapse at the party. She has bruising to the left side of her face? impact on collapse or physical assault. Her serum blood alcohol level was slightly elevated. Jane states to you, I need to get home to my family and help Aunty who is looking after my kids while I am stuck in here. Can you talk to the Doctors and tell them to

send me home or Ill have to leave here soon? Jane then walks to the bathroom, ending the conversation.

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