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Introduce the organisation and sustainability

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Task Description

Undertake a sustainability analysis of an organisation and propose strategies to change the organisation to an ideal or strategic position. A sustainability analysis requires that you are familiar with the Sustainability Change Matrix from the textbook and key concepts/theory introduced through the course. The company does not have to be Australian but reports such as the sustainability report need to be publically available in English. The assignment needs to be thoroughly academically referenced (textbook and journal articles).

The questions you are required to answer are:

  • Introduce the organisation and sustainability.
  • Map the organisation using the matrix justifying your positioning with reference to the textbook and information gathered and analysed for the company
  • Outline drivers for sustainability. Which top two of these drivers have the greatest impact on the organisation?
  • What specific sustainability actions (present 2) would you recommend to move the organisation to an ideal or strategic position? Why? Provide details of the projects such as key steps, capabilities required, targets, resources.
  • Identify the type of change this is and how the particular change action would add value?

Additional Information

Below are some ideas to assist you with the completion of the task (Questions and Rubric are in Blackboard). The purpose of the project is to give you a chance to apply some of the skills and concepts that you have been introduced to in this subject and to illustrate the further academic reading you have conducted.

Your final assignment is to undertake an analysis of the corporate sustainability strategy, practices and orientations of an organisation. Please examine the rubric for how to structure your report.

To understand the corporate sustainability and responsibility strategy of the organisation that you will study you may choose to consider the following steps:

Select an organisation to analyse

Your first task is to select an organisation. One option is that you could select a company that you believe has a good or at least an improving corporate sustainability and responsibility profile so you have enough material to analyse. Alternatively, you may want to choose a company that is noncompliant, so that you have a good case for recommending improvements. Think about the amount of information available on the organisation is it sufficient to complete your assignment but not so much it is unmanageable? Use publically available information you do not need to do interviews.Further be wary of using very large organisation such as multinationals as the scope of material may be too large to analyse.

Research you company and sector, conduct an analysis of the corporate sustainability strategy of that organisation and the drivers for sustainability.

Some things you may like to think about:

  • How does the matrix work?
  • How have you plotted it here? Why?
  • What are sustainability drivers?

Comment on the organisation's current approach and map out recommendations/strategies for the organisation to adopt and how they add value

Some things you may like to think about:

  • What are the drivers for sustainability change facing the organisation?
  • Why would the organisation need to change?
  • What change strategy and specific sustainability program/action(s) would you recommend to move the organisation to an ideal or strategic position?
  • How would the particular change strategy add value?
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