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” Paint” winnie the pooh and patrick from spongebob in Matlab using Bezier curves.

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The requirements are

1. Bezier curves of at least 3 degrees will be used (eg between 2,3,4). Straight lines are not taken into account.

2. At least 2 spline Bezier curves will be used with at least three Bezier curve segments each, assembled in such a way as to ensure continuity of class G1. The assembly will be done by calculating the control points that ensure the continuity of class G1 using one of the methods from the course. At least one of the two spline Bezier interpolating curves must be made using the F-Mill algorithm. During the presentation of the project, it will be explained how it was built.

3. Two different figures will be drawn. One that contains only the figure made of curves, another in which the control polygons for each curve will be drawn. The control polygons will have the first and last points indicated by filled circles, and the inner points by empty circles. The thickness of the control polygon line must be visibly thinner than that of the curve.

4. Choose at least one element from the figure that will be drawn graphically using Casteljeau's algorithm. The elements of the systolic matrix used will also be shown. This requirement can be realized in a separate figure, which contains the respective element of the curve together with the elements of the systolic matrices.

5. The local modification property of a CB will be highlighted when changing control points from a certain part of the control polygon. For this, an element from the figure, which is made using a CB spline or a CB of degree at least 4, will be considered, and one or a maximum of 2 neighboring control points will be modified in turn. Different figures of the respective element will be made, for all cases of changing the control points, and the results will be discussed (which part of the curve changes when we change certain control points)

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