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Prepare a Report outlining the care planning required for the physical and mental health of a mental health service user

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Select a client

  • This needs to be from your current placement.
  • They can have any diagnosis, but experience some of the symptoms. we have covered in the module.
  • Ask your Practice Assessor’s advice.
  • Gain consent from the client.
  • Maintain confidentiality: pseudonym, don’t use any identifiable information.


  • Start with an introductory paragraph
  • Use this to outline how you are going to address the 4 assignment criteria.
  • You can briefly introduce the client and state that the issues of confidentiality and consent are addressed.

Criteria 1

  • Present a formulation of the service user, using a recognised model, which demonstrates how data derived from assessment explains the causative factors of the services user’s mental health problems.
  • Use the information from the client assessment to summarise the factors which have led to the client’s current episode of involvement with the service.
  • You can use the biopsychosocial model, stress vulnerability model or 5Ps
  • Discuss the factors which have caused the client’s current episode of mental health problems. Demonstrate how these interrelate

Criteria 2

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply and explain the use of biological, psychological and social interventions with this service user, incorporating risk management, multi-professional collaboration, person-centred care planning and carer involvement
  • Focus on current interventions in relation to needs identified in the formulation.
  • Address biological interventions for physical health and mental health medication and symptom management Address social interventions: related to the client’s current social circumstances and occupational and vocational needs.
  • Address psychological interventions e.g. CBT, Psychosocial interventions.

Criteria 2 continued

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply and explain the use of biological, psychological and social interventions with this service user, incorporating risk management, multi-professional collaboration, person-centred care planning and carer involvement
  • Include risk management
  • Ensure that you make reference to service user and carer involvement
  • Highlight how you worked in conjunction with the MDT.

Criteria 3

  • Give an analytical account of how the effectiveness of care for this service user was assured and evaluated. Refer to multi-professional and multi-agency involvement and recognised evaluation frameworks.
  • Revisit the identified goals and present the evidence which demonstrates whether or not these have been met.
  • Include the evidence presented by the client, their carers and the members of the team.
  • Make reference toframeworks such as CPA, or relevant care pathways.

Criteria 4

  • Analyse any legal and ethical issues and unmet needs and how these were addressed by the service and organisational processes.
  • Discuss any legal and ethical issues involved in working with the client.
  • This can be the Mental Health Act (1983 revised 2007) or the Mental Capacity Act (2005), Safeguarding, Deprivation of Liberty, guardianship
  • Ethical issues can include: consent, collaboration, choice best interests.
  • Summarise any areas of unmet need and plans to address this

Things to remember


  • Remember that the client is central to the work, you are not writing an essay on theories
  • Use professional references, throughout, there are recommended text books in the handbook. Guidelines and policies are available from credible websites.
  • Only introduce a concept if you are going to develop it.
  • Select appropriate and relevant information, putting everything in won’t get you more marks if it isn’t relevant and applicable.
  • Use signposting and/or subheadings to clearly demonstrate which assignment criteria you are addressing.
  • Proof read your work for errors.

Things to remember


  • Write a lengthy description about the client or merely copy information from the assessment.
  • Use tables, write lists or use diagrammes: you demonstrate your understanding by the use of discursive academic writing.
  • Use vague statements anecdotal language or slang.
  • Use public information, self-help websites, Wikipedia or blogs as references.


  • Include a cover page which details: module name and code, module leader, PTG Leader, student number (not your name)
  • Use double line spacing
  • Use proper sentence and paragraph structures
  • Include page numbers
  • Include a reference list, which should start on a new page
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