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Prepare an individual learning portfolio(i) excursion to a local shopping centre(ii) analysis of potential and existing brand communities

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Complete two research tasks as part of the portfolio. The first research task involves an excursion to a local shopping center whereby you have to apply the CBBE framework. As part of your this field trip, you will visit a range of retailers at one of your local Shopping Centers, e.g. Westfield Parramatta. Marketers build and maintain salience and achieve a strong, unique and favorable brand image through physical and digital marketing strategies. The following tasks will challenge you to critically analyze the alignment of both perspectives and provide recommendations.

1. Before the field trip, you have to consider: * Review the CBBE framework by Keller (2019), and * how to evaluate its effectiveness.

2. During the field trip, you have to visit a range of retailers and identify: * their brand-building activities such as promotional materials, loyalty programs. In other words, you have to gather information regarding their efforts to increase salience (brand awareness), portray imagery (user group), build resonance (e.g. loyalty), etc. (See Keller CBBE framework). * their digital marketing activities, e.g. sign up for a newsletter.

3. After the field trip, you have to: * identify the digital marketing strategies (social media activities, consumer reviews and reports, forums, company websites, etc.) for your choice of retailer brands, and add the information to your field trip information, then * analyze the effectiveness of the brand building activities of those retailer brands and provide recommendations. The second research task involves an analysis of potential and existing brand communities (physical and digital). According to smile.io "Building a great brand community can be done in 3 steps: first, you need a captivating reason for members to join. Secondly, you need to make it worth their time to engage with each other and with your brand. Finally, it has to be easy and valuable for members to share your community with others and help it grow." You should outline XXX. How would you address these three requirements for your chosen brand and product category; XXX. The benefits of each requirement; XXX. The aspects of the CBBE pyramid that are addressed by a brand community, and which aspects would you want to focus on; XXX. The values these brand communities create for consumers. be sure to consider the target market and positioning for the brands. This is the best way to evaluate how effective the brand is in relation to the CBBE elements.

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