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RIICWD533E:Prepare detailed design of civil concrete structures

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A client is planning a slab extension on his existing building, as highlighted in the plan below. The options are limited to one-way or two-ways slab models only and the slab would sit on simple supports. Put yourself as a construction expert to advise the client on the following to design the model.

  1. Whether the floor is one-way or two-way?
  2. In which direction would the load be distributed
  3. How many supports would be required for the slab system?
  4. Types of reinforcement and their orientation/direction.
  5. What reasonable modification on the slab's dimensions would you suggest switching to the other model? The Clint would not be happy to go very far from the initial dimension ( the tolerance could be between 150mm and -200 mm only)
  6. Whatwould be the reinforcement arrangement in the other slab model?
  7. For the other slab model, a universal beam would simply support the middle of the longer Draw a deflection diagram and show the regions in tension and compression.
  8. For this project in-situ concrete is needed. Imagine that you as the technician have orderedsome materials including aggregates for a project you are involved in. What would be your concern when you see some crushed limestones in the aggregates?
  9. It is the date of pouring the in-situ concrete for the construction of the slab. From a technicalperspective, how placing concrete should be allowed. What action/s is/are needed before pouring concrete? Why?

(Hint: The answer needs to include any actions that should be taken regarding concrete quality control)

  1. The following drawing shows the typical detail of an isolated footing in a house building inthe B1 exposure  The footing dimensions are 1500 x 1200 x 600 mm. The

design advised a 32MPa concrete and the N16-200 reinforcements in both directions. Address the following. The bending length for the column reinforcement is 16db.

  • Identify the required concrete cover for the reinforcement
  • Concrete quantity for this footing
  • Identify any required reinforcements and their quantity that should be placed in the 
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