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RIICWD534E - Prepare detailed design of civil steel structures Project

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You are working in an engineering design consultancy and have been asked by the senior engineer to design a steel structure to support a mezzanine storage space in a steel fabrication shop. The structure involves a reinforced concrete platform supported on two steel beams which are supported on two girders spanning between two steel columns. See approximate plan and sections below.

Your task is to design and detail all beams

• Beams marked BeamA support the reinforced concrete slab and are supported on Beams marked BeamB

• Beams marked BeamB support Beams marked BeamA and are supported on columns

• There are four columns that carry the load down to the ground level.

• The slab thickness is 250mm.

• The size of the column may be taken as 250UC72.9

• A plan layout and sectional elevations of the frame is shown in Figures 1,2 and 3.

Loading data as finalised with the architects Table 2 below shows the loading data for the building, using which you are required to calculate design loads, for the slab, beams and columns

Part 1: Plan and prepare for detailed design In this part of the assessment you will plan and prepare for the detailed design of beams marked as Beam A and Beam B using parameters specified. Planning and preparing for the design occurs prior to the detailed design of beams.

In Part 2 of the assessment you will undertake the detailed design calculations for the beams based on the results of your work in this assessment task.

Task 1: Preliminary design

For this task, you are to determine the size of Universal beam required for Beam A and Beam B based on the design load you work out for your allocated loading data.

1. Use the loading data given and calculate design load on the beam allocated to you in Table 4, and draw a loading diagram. You may assume a self weight of 1kN/m initially. The size of the columns may be taken as 250UC72.9

2. Draw the bending moment and shear force diagrams showing all relevant values.

3. Size the beams using standard design procedure. The size chosen must be within the range of sizes shown in Fig 4. Beam A may be considered to be continuously restrained by the reinforced concrete slab. Note: Factor of safety must be applied in the way of load factors and capacity factor.

4. Your calculations should be done on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet.

5. You must attach all workings and calculations to this assessment task.

Part 2: Detailed design calculations In this Part of the assessment, you will use the size of the beams calculated in Part 1 and work out all details of the beam that needs to be presented on the structural drawings in Part 5 of this project

Task 1: Design calculations Now you have estimated the size of the beams based on bending strength requirement, to complete this part of the assessment, you will be required to:

1. Undertake the detailed design of beams allocated to you in Table 4 above.

2. Check the beam for shear

3. Check the beam for bearing.( Stiff bearing width for beam B may be taken as depth d of supporting column)

4. Check the beam for deflection. See Fig 5 for deflection formulas

5. Revise the size if needed based 2, 3, and 4 above, or recommend methods to remedy the problem, without increasing the size of the beam Note: For Design Capacity Tables based on AS4100, refer to Student handout 1

6. Your calculations should be done on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet. You must attach all workings and calculations to this assessment task.

Part 3: Cost estimate To complete this part of the assessment, you will be required to prepare a cost estimate for your beam design. The cost estimate will be based on the beams that you designed in Part 2.

Task 1: Estimating the costs You are required to do a cost estimate of the beam you have designed and detailed. Supporting information can be obtained in instructions below 1. You will need to create a bill of quantities with unit rates in an Excel spreadsheet for each of the components, ensuring the following:

a. you must develop and use logical cost codes for each component b. allow for materials and labour in the unit rates that are chosen. Refer to Rawlinsons Australian Construction Handbook 2021: https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/tafenswlib/detail.action?docID=64584 83 and, Rawlinsons Construction Cost Guide 2021 https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/tafenswlib/detail.action?docID=64524 70 Both documents can be accessed at the links provided above, using your TAFE username and password.

2. The following items must be included in the bill of quantities:

a. Steel beams

b. Angles

c. Stiffeners if required

d. Fabrication costs

e. Installation and inspection

3. Your bill of quantities must be completed and submitted to your assessor in an Excel spreadsheet: a. using the format/labels in Table 5 below b. enter the results (values) into Table 5 below.

Part 4: Design review To complete this part of the assessment, you will be required to participate in a design review of the design with the senior engineer.

Task 1: Reviewing the design At the design review the senior engineer has presented the following issues for you to review:

a. There has been a change of plan from Client’s side which now requires the columns to extend to the roof to attach some signage.

With this revision, you will be connecting beam B to the flange of the column as in sketch below.

b. The senior engineer wants you to come up with an alternative design for Beam B for the condition described in a.

2. What is the new size of the beam which will satisfy the requirement? How do think the revised connection detail will affect the following parameters

a. The net length of Beam B and hence the cost

b. Make conclusion about the performance of the beam in shear and bearing without detailed calculations 

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