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ENGA3001 Flight Simulation Technologies Assignment

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1. Prepare model of Cessna 510 business jet in Simulink.

2. Off-line simulation

: a. Trim Business Jet C510 model at steady-state level flight using Matlab model of the aircraft developed in ENGA2003 at V=120 m/s, H=3000 m.

b. Using the results obtained in previous step, prepare file with initial conditions for the Simulink model of the aircraft. See, for example, file with trim settings for V=80 m/s, H=2000 m “Trim_C510_SSLF_V80H2k.m” which is available in the corresponding seminar learning materials.

c. Prepare control inputs in the format required for the Simulink model (see ControlInput_00.m) for the following cases:

i. All controls are frozen at the position for trim in SSLF.

ii. Control input to excite “Short-period” mode.

iii. Control input to excite “Phugoid” mode.

iv. Control input to excite “Dutch-roll” mode.

v. Control input to excite “Roll subsidence” mode.

vi. Control input to excite spiral mode.

Note: - The corresponding control input time histories developed in ENGA2003 Business Jet Matlab model may be used but have to be converted into the Simulink model format and normalised. - Magnitudes of the control deflections should be adjusted to avoid over/under-reaction of the aircraft and failing simulation process. d. Simulate flights with the control inputs prepared in the previous step starting from the trim state given in 2.a and present the recorded results.

vii. Transition from steady straight level flight to ascending flight. viii. Transition from steady straight level flight to descending flight.

3. Analysis and improvement of flying qualities.

a. Using method studied in ENGA2003 analyse longitudinal and lateral/ directional flying qualities of the aircraft.

b. Design and add to the Simulink model pitch and yaw dampersto improve flying qualities of the aircraft.

c. Demonstrate effect of the dampers by off-line simulation with switched on and switched off dampers comparing responses to control input defined - for “Short-period” mode in 2

4. On-line simulation:

a. Connect Yoke and Pedals (two sets of controls are available in the wind-tunnel lab or use your own Yoke/Pedals/Joystick) to the Simulink model of the Business Jet.

b. Configure “Scope” or “save to workspace” or “save to file” block to record the following data: airspeed, altitude, pitch, roll, yaw rates, pitch, yaw, roll angles, angles of attack and sideslip, elevator, ailerons, rudder and throttle deflections.

c. Start simulation from a trim state and record 2-3 mins of a free flight demonstrating response of the aircraft on small control inputs to confirm correct work of elevator, ailerons, rudder, throttle. Present the corded data.

d. Start simulation from a trim state and try to fly coordinated turn. Record 2-3 mins of flight. Present the recorded data.

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