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Risk Management Project Based Assignment

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Assessment 1 – Report

Develop a Case History and Venue Condition Assessment Form Prior to commencing the assessment, you will need to select a venue to assess.

If you currently work in a hospitality venue, it is recommended to choose this as your venue due to ease of access. Otherwise, you can choose a venue that you are familiar with and have relatively easy access to.If the venue you have selected is large, you can focus on one floor of the venue.It is beneficial if you are able to speak with the proprietors/managements to gain proprietary information.The selected venue needs to be in the same city as your campus at which you are studying (except for online students).Unless you have the received approval from your tutor and/or Unit Assessor, the venue must be located in Australia. There are three (3) parts to this assessment. The content is based on the learning in Week 1 – 3. 

Part 1: Case History (250 Words)

You are required to write a brief case history of your chosen venue. This will be a prelude to Assessment 2. The case history needs to address the following:

  • A description of the venue, its location, size and
  • A history of the site, including any refurbishments or improvements. Providing values ($ and years) for these will add
  • Maintenance schedule of the
  • Any current issues with the venue’s facilities impacting business
  • Any expected plans for refurbishment or improvements in the near 

Please note: It is insufficient to copy and paste information from the venue’s website into your case history. You must utilise your own words, paraphrase and properly reference the sources of the information. Please refer to http://libguides.scu.edu.au/harvard for information regarding how to correctly reference a source.

Part 2: Floor Plan

Provide a floor plan of your chosen venue. The floor plan must provide clear labels to be able to identify the layout, the key furniture items, and basic dimensions/size. There are a few methods to provide a plan:

  • Ask the venue if they have an existing copy of the floor plan that you may utilise and add additional information/labels if
  • OR Construct the floor plan yourself (E.g., Draw, Use Paint, Use a software ). 

Part 3: Create a blank Venue Condition Assessment Form (Template is provided on Blackboard)

A Venue Condition Assessment (VCA) form is a record that allows the assessed conditions of the venue to be quantifiably measured. Its format is open to interpretation; however, a standard should include the following:

  • A table/spreadsheet in landscape
  • The first column on the left-hand side needs to list critical items of the venue (E.g., Fridge, Table, Chairs, Lights ).
  • The first row on the top needs to display how the venue will be assessed/evaluated and must include at least one theoretical framework.
  • You need to include a Key table for the assessed components AND a Facility Condition Index table that describe what the possible ratings 

You have been provided with a template Venue Condition Assessment (VCA) form on Blackboard under the “Assessment” tab that you can utilise as inspiration and customize. For this assessment, you need to spend time conducting a visual audit of items in the venue that you will be reporting on for the second assessment task.

Therefore, for this assessment, you only need to list all the facility assets (E.g., Walls, tables, refrigerators, ovens, coffee machines etc.) in the left column of the VCA form and fill in the descriptors for the Key Tables.


Recommended Structure

Cover Page

  1. Case History
  2. Floor Plan
  3. Venue Condition Assessment Form (Blank / Do not fill out)
  4. Reference List
  5. Appendix (If applicable)
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