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SITHKOP002 Plan and cost basic menus assignment

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Tasks to be completed by the student

 This assessment requires you to plan, cost, write and evaluate seven menu types addressing the following criteria:

  • Identify the customer profile for whom the menus will be developed. Identify the style of cuisine and

  • The dishes must provide a balanced variety on offer and within the courses offered including the following:



seasonally available ingredients

cooking methods

nutritional values






  • Discuss the list of dishes chosen for different menus with your colleagues or trainer and obtain and incorporate feedback the

  • Establish standard recipe cards for each dish using the template provided

  • Conduct a yield test for all ingredients for one dish from each menu using the template provided and calculate the net yields, and net costs

  • Write the menu using an attractive font of your choice, no smaller than the size

    • Ensure each dish is described accurately and in an appealing manner, and true in its features and ingredients

    • Use correct culinary terms, language, and grammar relevant to the style of cuisine

  • Obtain feedback and evaluate the success of each menu using

    • Customer survey developed by you in assessment 2

    • Staff suggestions

  • Sales data completed in the menu price balance template

Menus to be Developed Menu 1 - à la carte menu

Plan an à la carte menu which must contain at least 3 choices each for:

  • Entrées

  • Soups

  • Main Courses

  • Desserts

  • Additionally, provide 1 vegetarian entrée and 1 vegetarian option for the main course ensuring food cost not exceeding 34% for each dish

Menu 2 – Buffet menu

  • Define the type of buffet theme or style you will plan, and include suitable dishes typically included for such a buffet including provisions for all courses in your buffet

  • ensuring food cost not exceeding 30% for each dish

Menu 3 – Cyclical menu

Plan a cyclical menu to run over 1 week, lunch or dinner to cater for participants of a 1-week HACCP seminar with a company next door. The menu must include 3 courses at a set price of $25.00 per person and a food cost not exceeding 32%.

Menu 4 – Degustation menu

Plan a degustation menu comprising of at least 5 courses and offering 2 main course options suitable to the customer profile /establishment you have identified. The food cost must not exceed 34 %.

Menu 5 – Ethnic menu

Plan an ethnic menu of your choice suitable to the customer profile /establishment you have identified. The menu needs to include 3 courses. The food cost must not exceed 28%.

Menu 6 – Set / Table d’hôte menu

Plan a set or table d’hôte menu of your choice suitable to the customer profile /establishment you have identified. The menu needs to include 3 courses and have a choice in each course. The food cost must not exceed 30% and could potentially make use of any by-products you have identified in e.g. your à la carte menu (Menu 1) or degustation menu (Menu 4)

Menu 7 – Seasonal menu

Plan a seasonal menu, relevant to the time of the year/month and the region where you undertake this assessment. Your menu may include e.g. dishes for a game season, fresh berries in season, in conjunction with dishes paired to new wines released or similar. Your menu needs to comprise of a selection of speciality dishes using seasonal produce as a specials menu or a complete menu using at least 4 courses.

The food cost shall not exceed 31% for any dish, and the menu should be in line with the characteristics of the customer profile /establishment you have identified.

For this Assessment your Assessor Will Assess you against the criteria listed in the Assessor Checklist

Evidence to be collected for this assessment:

  • Completed Assessor Checklist

  • Printed copy of seven menus

·        Standard Recipe Cards for each dish

  • Completed yield testing template (seven) one dish from each menu

·       Menu Price Balance Template (seven) one for each menu

  • Completed customer survey and staff
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