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Case Study on Micro-services Architecture Cloud and Web IS

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Task Summary

In response to issues and tasks raised in the case study provided, research and develop a 2500-word report that addresses the organization's needs. You first communicate your understating of Microservice Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems with stakeholders to make a strong case before providing your recommendations as an IS professional.

Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this assessment.


When you begin working as an IS professional, you will be called upon regularly by clients to listen to their requirements, analyze the underlying issues, and identify appropriate solutions. This task allows you to take the concepts that you have learned from Modules 1-4 (history of computers, computer architecture, service-orientated architecture, cloud computing, cloud services, cloud deployment models, web-based IS, microservice communication, service modeling, integration, and deployment) and to put your knowledge into practice in order to address the needs of an organization.

Task Instructions

First, read and examine the case study in the briefing document for Assessment 3 (attached under the Assessment 3 Brief in Blackboard). The case study will provide details on the background of the company and some of the issues and challenges that they are facing. The company is willing to benefit from implementing microservice architecture, cloud computing, and web-based Information Systems solutions, but needs your advice as an IS professional to analyze the issues and determine how best to resolve them.

The report should consist of the following structure:

Please write a 2500-word report containing your solution plan. To complete this assessment task, you must:

A title page with subject code and name, assignment title, student's name, student number, and lecturer's name.

Introduction (250-300 words), which will also serve as your statement of purpose for the proposal this means that you will tell the reader what you are going to cover in your proposal. You will need to inform the reader of:

a) Your area of research and its context

b) The key elements you will be addressing

c) What the reader can expect to find in the body of the report

Body of the report (1900-2000 words), you will need to Write a report with the following sections:

  • A definition and introduction to Microservice Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems
  • Examples of successful implementation of Microservice Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems for at least three companies in different industries. You should include the benefit these technologies brought to them. You should also discuss the challenges they faced in the implementation of these three technologies;
  • Make sure to focus on the aspects of Microservice Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems that fit well with the company's business model
  • Discuss the challenges of creating a new system using Microservice Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems

Note: Use appropriate headings in the body of the report. Do NOT use generic words such as ‘Body, Body of the Report, Tasks' as section headings. Create meaningful headings and subheadings that reflect the topic and content of your report. This is where you talk about Microservices, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems to convince stakeholders that they are reliable solutions for their potential problems and needs. This will set the tone for your recommendations. Make sure to include three examples of successful implementation of Microservice Architecture, Cloud Computing, and Web-Based Information Systems in your discussions.

The Conclusion (250-300 words) will summarise any findings or recommendations that the report puts forward regarding the concepts covered in the report.

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