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SITXCCS008 Develop & Manage quality customer service practices Assessment

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Assessment Task 2

The assessment questions/tasks in this workbook assess aspects of all the elements, performance criteria, skills and knowledge and performance requirements of the unit of competency.

To demonstrate competence in this unit, you must undertake all activities in this workbook and have them deemed satisfactory by the assessor. If you do not answer some questions or perform certain tasks, and therefore you are deemed to be Not Yet Competent, your trainer/assessor may ask you supplementary questions to determine your competence. Once you have demonstrated the required level of performance, you will be deemed competent in this unit.

Should you still be deemed Not Yet Competent, you will have the opportunity to resubmit your assessments or appeal the result.

As part of the assessment process, all learners must abide by any relevant assessment policies as provided during induction.

If you feel you are not yet ready to be assessed or that this assessment is unfair, please contact your assessor to discuss your options. You have the right to formally appeal any outcome and, if you wish to do so, discuss this with your trainer/assessor.


Prior to commencing the assessments, your trainer/assessor will explain each assessment task and the terms and conditions relating to the submission of your assessment task. Please consult with your trainer/assessor if you are unsure of any questions. It is important that you understand and adhere to the terms and conditions, and address fully each assessment task. If any assessment task is not fully addressed, then your assessment task will be returned to you for resubmission. Your trainer/assessor will remain available to support you throughout the assessment process.

Assessment tasks

Assessment tasks are used to measure your understanding and underpinning skills and knowledge of the overall unit of competency. When undertaking any assessment tasks, please ensure that you address the following criteria:

  • Addresseach question including any sub-points
  • Demonstratethat you have researched the topic thoroughly
  • Coverthe topic in a logical, structured manner
  • Yourassessment tasks are well presented, well referenced and word processed


Plagiarism is taking and using someone else's thoughts, writings or inventions and representing them as your own. Plagiarism is a serious act and may result in a learner’s exclusion from a course. When you have any doubts about including the work of other authors in your assessment, please consult your trainer/assessor. The following list outlines some of the activities for which a learner can be accused of plagiarism:

  • Presentingany work by another individual as one's own unintentionally
  • Handingin assessments markedly similar to or copied from another learner
  • Presentingthe work of another individual or group as their own work
  • Handing in assessments without the adequate acknowledgement of sources used, includingassessments taken totally or in part from the 

If it is identified that you have plagiarised within your assessment, then a meeting will be organised to discuss this with you, and further action may be taken accordingly.


Collusion is the presentation by a learner of an assignment as their own that is, in fact, the result in whole or in part of unauthorised collaboration with another person or persons. Collusion involves the cooperation of two or more learners in plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct and, as such, both parties are subject to disciplinary action. Collusion or copying from other learners is not permitted and will result in a NYC.

Assessments must be typed using document software such as (or like) MS Office or Adobe. Handwritten assessments will not be accepted (unless, prior written confirmation is provided by the trainer/assessor to confirm).

Competency outcome

There are two outcomes of assessments: S = Satisfactory and NYS = Not Yet Satisfactory (requires more training and experience).

Once the learner has satisfactorily completed all the tasks for this module the learner will be awarded “Competent” (C) or “Not yet Competent” (NYC) for the relevant unit of competency.

If you are deemed “Not Yet Competent” you will be provided with feedback from your assessor and will be given another chance to resubmit your assessment task(s). If you are still deemed as “Not Yet Competent” you will be required to re-enrol in the unit of competency.

Assessment appeals process

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated during your assessment, and you are not happy with your assessment and/or the outcome as a result of that treatment, you have the right to lodge an appeal. You must first discuss the issue with your trainer/assessor. If you would like to proceed further with the request after discussions with your trainer/assessor, you need to lodge your appeal to the course coordinator, in writing, outlining the reason(s) for the appeal.

Special needs

Candidates with special needs should notify their trainer/assessor to request any required adjustments as soon as possible. This will enable the trainer/assessor to address the identified needs immediately.

 Task TWO: Instructions

Objective: To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the required performance elements for this unit.

 Evidence of the ability to complete tasks outlined in elements and performance criteria of this unit in the context of the job role, and:

  • Research and develop customer service policies and procedures for at least three differentareas of the business that meet industry standards
  • Implement and monitor practices for quality customer service in line with above policies andprocedures over four service periods
  • Evaluatepractices for quality service provision and identify any failings
  • Review policies and procedures, adjust as necessary, and communicate any new practices to

You will be required to answer all the questions correctly. Complete the following activities individually

  • Do not start answering questions without understanding what is required. Read thequestions carefully and critically analyse them for a few seconds; this will help you to identify what information is needed in the 
  • Youranswers must demonstrate an understanding and application of learning practices

Be concise, to the point and write answers within the word-limit given to each question. Do not provide irrelevant information. Remember, quantity is not quality.

  • Youmust write your responses in your own 
  • Use non-discriminatory language. The language used should not devalue, demean, orexclude individuals or groups based on attributes such as gender, disability, culture, race, religion, sexual preference or  Gender-inclusive language should be used.

When you quote, paraphrase, summarise or copy information from other sources to write your answers or research your work, always acknowledge the source


 Since first opening their doors in 2009, ANIBT Hotel has maintained a 5 star rating under the Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC). Located opposite the Yarra River in Melbourne, Victoria, It is a magnificent location with extensive views of Southbank

As a 5 star Hotel, ANIBT Hotel prides itself on ensuring that they continue to deliver products and services that exceed the needs of their customers and provides the best experience for them. To maintain their high level of service ANIBT Hotel has clear policies and procedures in place that all staff must become familiar with.

The yearly 5 Star Accreditation application is up for submission and as part of the submission ANIBT Hotel must supply copies of their updated customer service policies and procedures.

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