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Tableau Certification Assignment

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1. State the best reason for using an extract instead of a live connection?

• The data source supports a live connection through ODBC.

• A fresh data set is required all the time.

•You need to apply an aggregation that takes too long when using a live connection.

• You need to join tables that are in the data source.

2. State what should be used to create a calculated field that returns data independent of the data granularity in a view?

• An INCLUDE LOD calculation

• A table calculation

• A basic calculation

•A FIXED LOD calculation

3. Mention, what should be specified to connect to multiple tables in a single data source at one time.

• A blend

• A calculation

•A join

• A hierarchy

4. A field that shows average home values for the United States in 2016 is most likely:

• A discrete date part dimension

• A continuous date value dimension

• A geographical dimension

•An aggregated measure

5. Mention the interactive elements to add to a dashboard for users.

•URL actions

• Edit tooltip options

•Filter actions

• Hide and unhide all sheet options

6. What does the box in a box plot represent?

• Maximum extent of the data

•The range of the middle half of the data points

• The median of the middle half of the data points

• The outliers of the data

7. Tableau can create worksheet-specific filters.


• False

8. In the Technology Product Category, which only profitable states surround unprofitable state?


• Missouri

• Wyoming

• Utah

9. In which Region do all Product Categories fall beneath the overall average profit?

• All Regions

• Central

• East


• West

11. State true or false. A reference band cannot be based on a continuous axis.


• False

12. A Reference Distribution plot cannot be on a continuous axis.


• False

13. State which is not a trend Line model

• Linear Trend Line

• Exponential Trend Line

•Binomial Trend Line

• Logarithmic Trend Line

14. The image below uses which map visualization?

• Filled maps

• Layered maps

• WMS server maps

• Symbol maps

15. How to execute a URL action on a dashboard object within a dashboard to open a Web Page, without opening the web browser?

• Correct, with the use of Tableau Server

•Correct, with the use of a Web Page object

• Not possible

• Correct requires a plug-in

16. In an entire workbook, the Highlighting action can be disabled.


• False

17. A sheet cannot directly be used within a story. Either sheet should be used within a dashboard, or a dashboard should be used within a story.


• False

18. How is a continuous field identified in Tableau?

  • A blue pill identifies it in the visualization.
  • A green pill identifies continuous field
  • Continuous field has a # symbol preceding the data window.
  • When the continuous field is added to the visualization, it produces distinct values.

19. In Tableau, can you use measures in the same view multiple times (e.g., SUM of the measure and AVG of the measure)?


• False

20. Sets can be created on Measures.


• False

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