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Tableau MCQ Quiz

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1. Which of the following is not a Trend Line model

  • A. Linear Trend Line
  • B. Exponential Trend Line
  • C. Binomial Trend Line
  • D. Logarithmic Trend Line

2. By definition, Tableau displays measures over time as a ____________

  • A. Bar
  • B. Line
  • C. Histogram
  • D. Scatter Plots

3. How do you identify a continuous field in Tableau?

  • A. It is identified by a blue pill in the visualization
  • B. It is identified by a green pill in a visualization
  • C. It is preceded by a # symbol in the data window
  • D. When added to the visualization, it produces distinct values

4. For creating variable size bins we use _____________

  • A. Sets
  • B. Groups
  • C. Calculated fields
  • D. Table Calculations

5. The image below uses which map visualization?

  • A. Filled maps
  • B. Layered maps
  • C. WMS server maps
  • D. Symbol maps

6. What are the file extensions in Tableau.

  • A. Tableau Workbook (.twb)
  • B. Tableau Packaged Workbook (.twbx)
  • C. Tableau Data Source(.tds)
  • D. All of the above

7. For creating variable size bins we use _____________

  • A. Sets
  • B. Groups
  • C. Calculated fields
  • D. Table Calculations

8. What's the disadvantage of context filters?

  • A. The context filter isn't oft-times modified by the user "“ if the filter is modified the info should recompute and rewrite the temporary table, deceleration performance
  • B. When you set a dimension to context, Tableau crates a brief table which will need a reload when the read is initiated
  • C. Both A and B
  • D. None

9. What are the components of a Dashboard?

  • A. Horizontal
  • B. Vertical
  • C. Image Extract
  • D. All of the above

10. In 2013, what is the percentage of total profit for Caffe Mocha falling under Major Market (Market Size)?

  • A. 60%
  • B. 45%
  • C. 58%
  • D. 55%

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