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HSH105 Understanding Families And Health Assessment Answers

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Assessment Task 3 is an individual written assignment that allows you to demonstrate your understanding of health issues affecting contemporary families, both in Australia and/or internationally.


  • Choose your topic
    As you have learnt throughout this unit, contemporary families face a number of challenges. Choose ONE of the following challenges/issues to research for this assessment task:
    • BECOMING PARENTS AS A SAME SEX COUPLE (e.g. accessing assisted reproductive technology)
  • Research

  • In preparing your assessment, you should draw on contemporary (e.g. published in the last 10years) and relevant literature. This can include the readings from the unit (excluding recordingnotes); peer-reviewed journal articles; textbooks; statistical information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Institute of Family Studies (e.g. National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children) or Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; government reports; or other online materials from credible sources (.gov, .org or .edu sites, but do not use.net or .com sites).

    It is recommended you have at least 10-12 references for this assessment task. You put all your references on the one ‘Reference& page at the end of the assignment (as per APA7referencing).
  • Prepare your report

    Your written response needs to include the following:

    • Introduction You need to include an introduction (approximately 100 words) that includes a brief statement to set the context and identifies what your assessment will cover in terms of the overview of thechallenge/issue, the health impacts, the influence of other settings families engage with and recommendations. This acts to 'signpost' to your reader what content will follow in your response.
    • Overview of the challenge/issueThis section (approximately 150 words) builds on your introduction to provide more context for your assessment. You need to describe the challenge/issue (e.g. How is it defined?) and outline how common it is among Australian families using current statistics (e.g. from the Australian Bureau of Statistics or Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).
    • Health impacts of the challenge/issue You will need to explain four health impacts (approximately 150 words per health impact for a total of 600 words) this challenge/issue has on family members (e.g. parents and/or children).You might discuss impacts in terms of physical, mental or social health. In this section, you need to include current information, but you can draw on both Australian and international literature.
    • Influence of other settings families engage with Briefly describe Bronfenbrenner's bioecological model .Use Bronfenbrenner's bioecological model to analyse three additional settings (e.g. beyond the immediate family) that may influence a family's experience of this challenge/issue. In analysing each of the three settings, you need to explain how each one might affect the family's experience either positively or negatively. Examples of settings you might like to consider include children's day care/school or peer relationships, extended family, parents' workplace or even engagement in the legal system. Note that you do not need to discuss settings from every layer of the model. Instead, this section requires you to select the three most relevant settings in respect to your challenge/issue. Remember that you must substantiate all statements by citing their source (e.g. reports, peer reviewed journal articles, online materials etc). You can draw on both Australian and international literature.
    • E. Recommended strategies to manage the challenge/issue You need to briefly identify three clear strategies families could adopt to reduce the impacts of this challenge/issue. These recommendations should be supported by references.
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