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Mrs Thwala (30 years old) is brought to the day hospital by her mother. She has a grade 7 education. She describes herself as a practising Christian. She has been losing weight, feeling tired and has a headache. Mrs Thwala says she was given medication some time ago for having ‘thin blood’. She feels hopeless about her future. She was quite well until two (2) weeks ago when she started to feel very fatigued. She complained of not being able to sleep at night. A few months ago she was sexually assaulted on her way home. She did not tell anyone about this because she felt ashamed. She started drinking wine soon after this and usually had a few glasses during the week.

She lost her husband tragically one year ago in a motor vehicle accident. She was left with two children, aged four (4) and six (6). Ms Thwala lives with her elderly mother and her children in a two-roomed house and also shares the home with her younger sister who is a single mother with a child, aged one year. She is the only breadwinner in the family. She has no knowledge of the whereabouts of her older sister, but has heard reports that she has been admitted to a hospital in her home town for what she described as psychological problems. Ms Thwala is employed as a domestic worker. Currently she is unable to concentrate at work, and her employer, Mrs Majola, with whom she gets along well, advised her to go on sick leave for a week. She came to the city 10 years ago to look for work. Her father died of complications of alcohol abuse when she was young. She does not have any other siblings.

On mental status examination she is found to be orientated, alert and cooperative. She is depressed and has had fleeting thoughts of suicide, but has not made any specific plans. She has no evidence of any psychotic phenomena. There is no evidence of cognitive impairment. The physical examination reveals that she is pale and thin, but it is otherwise unremarkable

3.1 Formulate a DSM-5 diagnosis for Mrs Thwala and motivate your answer by comparing Ms Thwala’s symptom with the clinical criteria for this disorder.

3.2 Formulate a nursing diagnosis for Mrs Thwala.

3.3 Discuss the nursing interventions including a rationale.

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