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Write Protection mechanisms used in UOF network Report

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Answer the following questions


Identify security vulnerabilities and threats in networks and operating systems.


Explore attacks on endpoints using malware and survey of application attacks.


Examine strategies to transport data securely over networks using cryptography and Public key infrastructure.


Analyze potential indicators associated with wireless networks and its configurations.


Evaluate authentication, risk management and privacy control mechanisms to secure networks and applications against various attacks.


Project titles:

  1. Submit a report of Protection mechanisms used in UOF network ( both software and hardware) Prepare a ppt and present
  2. Conduct ARP poisoning in your local cache, DNS poisoning in Local hosts file for University of Fujairah- (refer book Project 8.1,8.2) – submit a report showing the steps, snapshots, explanation for each attack- any solution/how to rectify each attack- Prepare a ppt and present
  3. Research the Internet regarding robot sentries. Where are they being used? What is the purpose of a robot sentry? What are the risks? What is your projection on the future for robot sentries? Write a one-page paper on your research. Prepare a ppt and present.
  4. Use the Internet to research WPA3 features, particularly SAE and OWE. What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of each of these features? How do they enhance Wi-Fi security? Write a one-page paper on your research. Prepare a ppt and present
  5. Use the Internet and other sources to research the two disadvantages of standard biometrics: cost and error rates. Select one biometric technique (fingerprint, palm print, iris, facial features, etc.) and research the costs for having biometric readers for that technique located at two separate entrances into a building. Next, research ways in which attackers attempt to defeat this particular standard biometric technique. Finally, how often will this technique reject authorized users while accepting unauthorized users compared to other standard biometric techniques? Based on your research, would you recommend this technique? Why or why not? Write a one- page paper on your findings. Prepare a ppt and present
  6. North Ridge Security provides security consulting and assurance services. You have recently been hired as an intern to assist them. You have been asked to make a presentation for a local community group about password security. 1. Create a PowerPoint presentation for the group about the risks of weak passwords and how to create strong passwords. Include information about security keys and how smartphones can be used for MFA. Your presentation should contain at least 10 slides. 2. After the presentation, the community group has asked for your recommendation on security vaults and keys. Use the Internet to identify two of each type that you would recommend and create a memo to the group that includes why you see these as being strong choices. Prepare a ppt and present
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