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Felix, R., Rauschnabel, P. A., & Hinsch, C. (2017). Elements of strategic social media marketing: A holistic framework. Journal of Business Research, 70, 118–126. doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2016.05.001

Since social media marketing is an integral part of business in this 21st century, the authors of the above article studied the various framework showing multiple dimensions of strategic social media marketing. The authors stated that past studies have focused on isolated issues that did not provide a constructive understanding on the implementation and execution of strategic social media marketing. The purpose of the study was to provide an integrated framework that expands the traditional theories of marketing since the managers of modern business structures need to position their organisation based on constructive marketing frameworks to meet the organisational objectives. The authors talked about the various scopes of social media marketing that ranges from defenders to explorers. The defender approach involves focusing on social media marketing a strategic tool for effective communication with the customers. On the other hand, explorer approach involves the use of interactive and collaborative characteristics of social media marketing. Overall, the authors focused on creating a holistic framework of social media marketing strategies rather than focusing on singular aspects. The study provided a definition of modern day social media marketing as a process that uses social media and its cross functional features to achieve organisational objectives through the creation of value for all the groups of stakeholders. The article concluded that social media marketing is a vast area that cannot have one exclusive strategic approach and rather should be expanded to multiple dimensions.

Lane, D. S., Lee, S. S., Liang, F., Kim, D. H., Shen, L., Weeks, B. E., & Kwak, N. (2019). Social Media Expression and the Political Self. Journal of Communication, 69(1), 49-72. doi:10.1093/joc/jqy064

The purpose of this article was to argue that various ways of political expression on social media platforms has the potential to shape the political self of people. It means that political expressions on social media influences the social media users and gives them a sense of political self. People who posts political expressions on social media consider themselves political active since they are able to show their political interest, self-efficacy and perception. The authors found that political expressions on social media instils a sense of political engagement among the citizens since political engagement implies public commitment. The authors studied data from the 2016 US election and found that political expressions on social media has positive impact on the motivation of the citizens. Even though past research showed that political expressions help people to communicate their political ideologies and opinions, however, recent studies have shown that people in a democracy obtain a political voice when they get the chance to express them in relation to political factors and scenario. The authors focused on self-presentation and found that when people post political expressions on social media, it helps them to understand the dynamics of political participation and its scope over social media. In this regard, the authors defined political self-concept as self-derived political and social experiences. The study concluded that political expressions on social media can strengthen political self-concept of the citizens. It also concluded that social media plays an important role in shaping how people perceive themselves and others in a political setting. This article provides a detailed understanding of why people post political expressions on social media and what are the influences.

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