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Biology Assignment

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Question: 1 

An animal with two successive sets of teeth is called 

  1. Diphyodont 
  2. Monophyodont 
  3. Heterodont 
  4. Polyphodont 
  5. None of the above 

Question: 2 

Area where the movement of water is from the surface to the ground water system is called 

  1. Catchment area 
  2. Springs 
  3. Aquifer 
  4. Artesian well 
  5. None of these 

Question: 3 

The word ‘Savanna’ refers to 

  1. Temperate grasslands 
  2. Tropical forests 
  3. Deserts 
  4. Artic region 
  5. Tropical grasslands 

Question: 4 

The structure of a protein with linear sequence of amino acids is called 

  1. Primary structure 
  2. Secondary structure 
  3. Tertiary structure 
  4. Quaternary structure 
  5. None of the above 

Question: 5 

The type of sex determination found in Crepidula fornicata is 

  1. Temperature dependent 
  2. Location dependent 
  3. Chromosome dependent 
  4. Water dependent 
  5. Soil dependent 

Question: 6 

Which of the following blood components carries dissolved nutrients? 

  1. Red blood cells 
  2. White blood cells 
  3. Platelets 
  4. Plasma 
  5. None of the above 

Question: 7 

Which of the following fixes nitrogen? 

  1. Azotobacter 
  2. Anabaena 
  3. Nostoc 
  4. Calothrix 
  5. All of the above 

Question: 8 

The substance that inactivates an enzyme by denaturing it is called 

  1. Feedback inhibitor 
  2. Competitive inhibitor 
  3. Allosteric inhibitor 
  4. Irreversible inhibitor 
  5. None of these 

Question: 9 

Glucocorticoid is produced by 

  1. Adrenal medulla 
  2. Adrenal cortex 
  3. Pancreas 
  4. Pineal gland 
  5. Pituitary gland 

Question: 10 

In which part of the human body are Nissl’s granules present? 

  1. Osteoblasts 
  2. Neuron 
  3. Chondroblasts 
  4. Goblet cell 
  5. All of the above 

Question: 11 

Rhizobium is a bacterium that lives in the root nodules of leguminous plants. This is an  example for ________ 

  1. Mutualism 
  2. Commensalism 
  3. Parasitism 
  4. Predatism 
  5. None of the above 

Question: 12 

Malleus, incus and stapes are collectively called 

  1. Ear Ossicle 
  2. Cranial bone 
  3. Sternum bone 
  4. Facial bone 
  5. None of the above 

Question: 13 

Which of the following comes under the domain eukarya? 

  1. Plantae 
  2. Animalia 
  3. Protista 
  4. Fungi 
  5. All of the above 

Question: 14 

Which of the following is secreted by the pancreas? 

  1. Elastase 
  2. Carboxypeptidase 
  3. Amylase 
  4. Ribonuclease 
  5. All of the above 

Question: 15 

Nematocyst is a characteristic feature of 

  1. Echinoderms 
  2. Arthropods 
  3. Molluscs 
  4. Cnidarians 
  5. Porifera 

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